Zenimax lawsuit gets interesting, No Man Sky update, Middle-Earth Shadow of War Impressions

Today’s Episode

Middle Earth details were finally released. They did not disappoint, this game looks to expand on the last Middle Earth game. We shall see in August if the game can live up to its hype, or become the next No Man’s Sky. Speaking of No Man’s Sky, there as new update and it’s huge! This helps to bring a more robust game. The launch of the game was not good, but, these updates are proving that this game can be great. Find out more down below.

Show Timeline:

  • Blizzard drops the ban hammer on some Overwatch players
  • Ana is the next Overwatch character to get a nerf
  • The Division getting more expansions and this time they’re free!
  • No Man’s Sky gets ground vehicles and more!
  • Mass Effect Andromeda has a lot of speaking line and multiplayer is free!
  • New Fallout 4 mod ads C4 and remote detonators
  • Creative Assembly acquires Crytek Black Sea
  • AMD update adds support of Ghost Recon Wildlands
  • Nvidia update makes DX12 better
  • Lawbreakers launching a closed beta this month
  • Outlast 2 launching in April
  • No more reviews for free games on Steam
  • Mordhau looks to take on For Honor
  • The plot thickens: John Carmack Sues Zenimax
  • Quake Champions is free-to-play
  • Twitch announces Twitch Desktop
  • Dawn of War 3 system requirements
  • It’s getting dangerous in Elite: Dangerous
  • Talking about Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Gaming Deals:

Highlights from the Show:

This lawsuit between Oculus, ZeniMax and John is stupid.

Shadow of War looks to vastly improve from Shadow of Mordor

No Man’s Sky looks to finally be the game we were hoping for


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