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Why Your Content Matters More Than Your Words

Brett Deister October 15, 2016

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Today’s Episode
In marketing, content matters. It’s important. It matters how you treat potential candidates. In the long run, they could be your future customers. That’s if you treat them well. If you don’t, they will never and tell their friends not to go there. Your content must be consistent with your words. HR people, please stop writing words without looking at what you are saying. However, Google is updating their platforms. They are making sure every program/platform is material design. This is not a bad policy. It’s going to make it look better and make analytics better to read.

Anyways, scroll down to listen to the show.

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    Why Your Content Matters More Than Your Words
    Brett Deister

Marketing News Analyzed:
Facebook testing out ads in groups
Google acquires Famebit
Instagram is doing some interesting things
Workplace by Facebook aims to shake up the professional communications
Google Analytics updates its Desktop UI
Adsense gets a new UI design
Facebook to implement an ad rank
Pinterest has 150 million users
Periscope Producers launch
Twitter to update its replies and mentions
Snapchat wants better ads
Google will have two indexes
The Google new AMP tool helps your site
Your Content Matters More Than Your Words
And more!
Apps/Programs To Try:
Tweetable Quotes:
Your content reads louder than your words.

Pinterest is getting more men. The old data of only women is not true anymore

I like the new UI for Analytics and Adsense

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