Why Content Standards and Marketing Plans are important and PR Fail of the week!


Today’s Episode

It happens. Lots of companies have a PR fail or two. Sometimes it’s a bad decision and sometimes it’s a stupid decision. Be sure you mitigate the stupid decisions. Be sure you do not make the stupid decision. I also talk about content standard guidelines and some basic tips on marketing plans. Enjoy!

Show Topics:

What is a content standard
Why marketers should start writing
What is a marketing plan
Why is it important
How do you start to write a marketing plan
Lesson from a PR Fail
Highlights from the Show:

Content Standard Guideline is something every business needs

Marketing plans are essential for any business.

It’s best to figure out a theme for your marketing plan

Do big goals, but, also have micro goals, too.

As a business, you are going to cater to everyone on every political spectrum