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Snapchat Spectacles, that was not that big of a shock. It was an interesting move for Snapchat. This could help them boost their user base or turn into another Google Glass. There will be an issue with privacy and people not knowing if you are recording. I do not like the design of the glasses and think that might turn off some people. There is some innovation here and that should be noted. However, this is still an unknown. It should be interesting to see!

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Tech News Decoded:
Twitter bot scans the “deplorables”
Cognovia Labs will analysis the debate to see who wins
Plex is going to the Cloud with Amazon
Chromecast is going 4k to Chromecast Ultra
Google is making Andromeda will be an OS for tablets
You can now order sperm through the mail
A webcam filter that can turn people flat
The SEC may look into the Yahoo security breach
Who’s gonna buy Twitter?
Why Google looks to be the best fit for Twitter
Houseparty is a new app from Meerkat
Snapshot Spectacles and how it might be a smart move for Snapchat
Apps/Programs to Try:
Shutterstock for Photoshop
Iris AI 2.0
Bean Fill
Tweetable Quotes:
I do not care who you are, not informing your users of a breach is unethical.

This could make Snapchat even more popular with the spectacles

I really want everyone to question everything.

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