Vine is dead, Twitter sells Fabric, Evernote updates and more

Today’s Episode

This week we say goodbye to Vine as a social network. It will only live as a camera app now. It’s not surprising given that Twitter did not put enough resources into it after the initial buy. The main culprit was live video. Live video eclipsed Vine as the preferred media for social media companies to invest in. This is Twitter’s way of finding a path to profitability. It has not done that yet. Will you use Vine Camera?

Show’s Timeline:

  • Assange backing down on his promise
  • Slack gets threading messages
  • Google adds offline search
  • Google Maps now tells you how bad parking can be
  • Vimeo has a new tool for creators
  • School fires employee for reasons?
  • Google and LG launch new smartwatches next month
  • Tired of Evernote? Try Milanote
  • Amazon launches a new Anime streaming channel
  • Youtube is testing out a new messaging service
  • Evernote updates? Do we care?
  • Google acquires Fabric developer
  • Can you now smell in VR?
  • Lecia’s gets nostalgic with the M10
  • Mirari bot may have been done by a DDoS protection firm
  • Hulu will offer an offline mode
  • Cortana coming to the Android lock screen?
  • Tech employees mad and protest again. So, the norm
  • Facebook makes Messenger the default messaging system
  • Tidal offers a new hidden feature
  • offers a new revenue stream for comedians
  • Bye-bye buy button on Twitter
  • Vine is no more. Long live Vine Camera
  • Twitter will loop videos under 6.5 seconds
  • AMD takes on Intel server market
  • Windows 10 is getting an e-book store
  • Gmail users, beware of this phishing scam
  • Samsung security cameras hacked… again

Apps/Programs to try this week:

Highlights from the Show:

The media criticize Assange for not keeping his promise? What about all the celebrities?

The problem with Evernote was it was a little late on the update and treating its customers badly.

The problem with the Windows e-book store is not being available on every platform.

Let me get this straight, you’re going to fire a school employee encouraging kids to go to school?


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