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Video Cards, CPUs, Snapchat IPO, Facebook tools oh my!

Brett Deister March 1, 2017

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Today’s Episode
Snapchat IPO is here! People are wondering if this company could rival Facebook. Twitter has not been a great contender for a while. They are still figuring out who they are and time is not on their side. This could be the best contender to rival Facebook in a long while.

I also talk about AMD and Nvidia products unveiled this week and so much more! Enjoy!

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    Video Cards, CPUs, Snapchat IPO, Facebook tools oh my!
    Brett Deister

Show Timeline:
New Zealand wants tech workers
Prisma has an app store for new filters and desktop tools
An antimalware for Apple products has a problem. Thanks, Google!
Facebook has suicide tools for live videos
Facebook releases its TV app on AppleTV
A nasty Slack bug gave access to messages and accounts to hackers
New render for Samsung S8
Twitter adds more tools for less “abuse”
Mozilla buys pocket
Snap Inc IPO starts tomorrow
Gmail updates the attachment size to 50MB
FCC says no to new privacy broadband rules
FCC does not like net neutrality
Udacity buys Cloudlab
Tech Industry loves H-1B visas because of cheaper labor
AMD unveils Ryzen chips and Vega
Raspberry Pi Zero W is a small mini-computer with lots of potential
Nvidia unveils 1080ti
YouTube TV is coming to a cord cutter near you!
Apps/Programs to Try:
Video Teleprompter 2.0
YouTube TV
Medium Stories
Highlights from the Show:
If you hate the US, New Zealand has a great deal for you!

Cool! Prisma allows it’s followers to create custom filters

Tech companies only care about H-1B visas. They don’t care about immigration.

I like Nvidia, but, this new card is ridiculous.

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