My thoughts on Twitter, Tracking and Live Video

Today’s Episode

Twitter is finally changing tweets. It has been a long time coming, but this is a good change. There were rumors about longer tweets, but, that was axed and for good reason. Twitter is not about talking a lot. That is not what the platform was built on. It was about getting information out as quick as possible. I hope this will help Twitter’s growth problem. The social network has been flat or losing users for some time. I want to see the platform flourish and be a great competitor to Facebook. Facebook has some rivals. They really have no true competitor yet. I am happy about the change and let’s hope they add more features to their other products as well. This episode is not on libsyn because I am getting close to my limit so enjoy it on here! Scroll down to hear it.

Tech News Discussed:

  • Twitter making tweets better
  • Pebble announces 4 new devices
  • Facebook updating its guidelines for trending topics
  • Facebook adds new features to live
  • Youtube Gaming adding an event page
  • Huawei sues Samsung
  • Porn sites track you less than news sites
  • Pornhub wants you to move it, move it.
  • and more!

Huawei/Samsung case:

Apps/Programs To Try:


Do you like the new changes to Twitter?

Tweetable Quotes:

[epq-quote align=”align-center”]Facebook has been doing a great job with live video. I hate to admit it.[/epq-quote]

[epq-quote align=”align-center”]If you do not want to be tracked like crazy, view porn… that won’t get awkward at all![/epq-quote]

[epq-quote align=”align-center”]Pornhub wants you to move it, move it.[/epq-quote]

[epq-quote align=”align-center”]I really thought we were done with suing companies over tech patents… nope![/epq-quote]