Senator live streams, Twitter marches to censorship and Netflix blunder

Today’s Episode

Netflix blunder is nothing new now. This is the same thing every business is doing. Hate a specific group because it is socially acceptable. The best argument is that if you did this to any other group, that would be horrible. However, why is it acceptable to do it to white people? Netflix should be prepared for some loss in subscribers and a hit in their revenue. People will vote with their wallets. Be prepared.

Twitter looks to be marching towards censorship. This is looking more like a full control on what people can say on their network. Funny thing, when they were new, they wanted public discourse. Now, they would rather tell you it’s not good. Find out more down below.

Show Timeline:

  • Android Wear 2.0 and new smartwatches are coming
  • Over half internet traffic come from bots
  • Microsoft to do a slight design refresh for Windows 10
  • Traveling to the US, well, you could be asked for your social media accounts
  • Senator Warren “silenced” took to Facebook Live
  • Netflix, this is going to hurt
  • Pinterest launches new tools
  • Facebook lite grows
  • Ahhh Facebook, this may not go well
  • Flipboard 4.0 and fake news
  • There’s a hacked Amazon Dash for the ACLU
  • Snapchat IPO
  • Periscope head now oversees all live on Twitter
  • AMD Ryzen news
  • Google Pixel audio bug fixed
  • Twitter marches towards censorship
  • 5G is coming soon
  • Google release data on its Android versions
  • YouTue live being pushed to more users
  • The iPhone could cost over 1,000 dollars
  • There could be new Macbooks coming

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Highlights from the Show:

US government you are telling potential terrorist to never use their social media accounts because you watch them.

Twitter use to be about expressing your ideas, now it’s about being safe.

Flipboard, creating echo chambers is why fake news is a big problem. You are the problem.

Netflix this going to hurt you.


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