Leaked Pixel photos, Twitter releases longer tweets and GoPro’s new product!

Today’s Episode

Twitter has finally released its “longer tweets.” That’s right, the media in your tweets will not account against your character count. This is a long time coming. They should have released this years ago. However, at least we get it now. Better late than never! There are some rules to it, but, for the most part, media does not count against it. I am amazed at how long it took them to figure this out. Everyone that uses Twitter always hated that feature. It makes Twitter a little more useful. No longer the anger fist of losing some characters to media. Let’s rejoice and tweet some more!

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Tech News Decoded:

  • Photos leaked showing the new Google phones
  • There going to be more AP Computer Science classes soon
  • Data suggest Amazon reviews are biased
  • Twitter releases “longer tweets”
  • Google updates photos
  • Google releases Google Trips
  • Self-driving cars to get regulations
  • New update on Skype Preview
  • Desktop Apps ported to Universal Apps finally arrives
  • Google buys APi.AI
  • Etsy buys Blackbird Technologies

Apps/Programs to Try:

Tweetable Quotes:

[Tweet “Twitter should have released this 5 years ago.”]

[Tweet “I like the Nexus name. I prefer it over Pixel.”]

[Tweet “If marketers do not incentivize reviews they are usually all bad.”]

[Tweet “There’s a new update to anyone still using Window Phones.”]


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