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Twitter hates ideas. This is a problem to me. I think the best of Twitter was they allowed people to express their ideas. It didn’t matter if you were right, left, center, or didn’t care. The problem is Twitter wants groupthink. It thinks that one political ideology is right. I think that if a business uses a free speech in their policies, they do thrive. However, private businesses do not have to follow a free speech model. Twitter needs to follow its own policy and only ban those that do terrible things. Disagreeing is not one.

Tech News Decoded:
Twitter is adding QR codes because reasons
Andriod TV finally gets Twitter Live TV app
Twitter is banning alit-right people and it’s stupid
Microsoft is all in with the Linux Foundation
Google Earth VR looks cool
There’s a $5 device that can crack your password
WhatsApp is getting video calling
Blu phones are spying on you for China.
Snapchat is going public… soon
Broadsoft’s Team-One is a Slack Competitor
Kaspersky is making a program to leave social media
Google Docs, Sheets, and Spreadsheets let users make their own templates
FCC cancels any of their new policies
Google Translate is getting smarter
Seagate has a 5TB portable hard drive
OnePlus says goodbye to 3 and hello to 3T
My first impressions of the Pixel Phone.
Apps/Programs To Try:
Otto Radio
A.I. Experiments
Tweetable Quotes:
Twitter is throwing ideas out there and seeing which one sticks…

Twitter you need to stop banning people because they don’t agree with you

Pixel Phone is great so far.

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