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Oh, the Twitter bans strike again! This time they ban their own CEO. I find this poetic justice for all the random bans they’ve been throwing out lately. People with the wrong idea get banned. Twitter, remember you became popular because of the idea of free speech. People flocked to these sites to share their ideas. Now, not all ideas are good, but, that’s not the point. Twitter, it’s fine if you ban people for acts of violence of the threat of violence. However, banning people because they are not part of the left is ridiculous. It’s time to stop the madness and let people think for themselves. I do not care if you are right or left, I want the ability to share without worrying about being banned. That’s ridiculous.

Anyways, scroll down to find out more!

Tech News Decoded:
Trump wants Apple to build a better iPhone… in America
Snapchat Spectacles have an interesting AR filter
Microsoft hasn’t done with mobile phones?
A new “study” claiming iPhone users are terrible
Google Pixel Phone gets new features
Google updates Sites
Telegram has an answer to Medium with Telegraph
A study suggests young people cannot tell the difference between ads and articles
Instagram is going live!
Amazon is banning incentivized reviews
Oops! Twitter bans its CEO
Starbucks is selling a mug that heats your coffee
Apps/Programs To Try This Week:
Kik 11.0
Esplorio 2.0
Google Sites
Tweetable Quotes:
Twitter bans its own CEO is hilarious.

Twitter you became popular because you allowed people to say things without repercussions.

If you are trying to find your voice Telegraph is something to look at.

Ember mug sounds great if you want to spend 150 bucks.

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