Twitch releases their stats, my impressions of the BF1 update and For Honor Review


Today’s Episode
BF1 or Battlefield 1 got its winter update. It was a great update. I personally do not care about ribbons. I think they are useless and people will get plenty of these ribbons. I never cared for them in BF3 and BF4. It’s a personal opinion. I do think DICE needs to look at some other things they missed, but, they are doing a good job balancing for the most part. We will see what happens when the new DLC comes out.

Twitch released some stats about their site and streamers. Unsurprising, Finland is the friendliest place to game. Find out on this episode.

Show Timeline:
Talking about Twitch stats
AMD Ryzen stats
CDPR is doing well
BF1 winter update
For Honor Single Player review
Gaming Deals:
For Honor
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
Resident Evil 7
Square Enix Publisher weekend
Highlights from the Show:
The best place to game is Finland. They are really nice according to Twitch

For Honor Single-Player is eh. Not good or bad, just bland.

I’m really excited to see what AMD Ryzen can do.

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