Tweets are longer except in Ads and Pinterest makes promoted pins easier

Today’s Episode

Ads, they are a valuable tool This is what will drive sales for businesses. Social networks have their ad programs. They are mostly good if you have a great marketer doing some great ads. We are at an interesting time. The better campaign you have, the more likes, the revenue you could get. The problem is the blockers people are using. Each year people install these programs. Marketers and advertisers are not doing their jobs. We can do better. However, Google launched Allo. This messaging app is interesting. The question is, will it capture a chunk of the market?

Next, I look at the tools that support Twitter “longer tweets.” This has finally been released. Many people are happy. Learn more below!

Marketing News Analyzed:

  • Twitter’s “longer tweets” does not apply to ads
  • Instagram redesigns call-to-action buttons
  • Instagram rolls out a save draft feature
  • Google, Facebook, and IAB want to make better ads
  • Pinterest makes making promoted pins easier
  • Facebook wants to show you how well their ads to
  • The short list of tools that support “longer tweets”
  • The difference between Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories

Apps/Programs To Try:

Tweetable Quotes:

[Tweet “You can create a Pinterest campaign in 9 seconds!”]

[Tweet “It should be interesting to see if Allo will be any good.”]


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