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Tracking Success with TechNew’s Leon Harbar

Brett Deister February 7, 2020 27

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In This Episode…

Tracking what is being said about your clients or company is imperative for any PR professional. This week Leon Harbar, Vice President of Global Sales and Customer Engagement of TechNews.io. We discuss the difference between TechNews from the other software’s, why niching yourself is a good idea, tracking what influencers are saying about your brand and the future of PR! Enjoy!

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    Tracking Success with TechNew’s Leon Harbar
    Brett Deister

Time Stamps

●      [00:40] Q1: Are you a coffee or tea drinker?

●      [00:57] Q2: Are you an Android or iPhone user?

●      [01:51] Q3: What tools do you think PR Pros need to do their jobs?

●      [03:24] Q4: How is TechNews different from Meltwater or Cision?

●      [05:06] Q5: TechNews has niched themselves into a category?

●      [05:31] Q6: What types of skills PR Pros need on how PR and marketing are being more digital focus?

●      [08:38] Q7: Do you think TechNews is more beneficial for the one-man PR Pro?

●      [09:45] Q8: It will help PR people have automated lists?

●      [10:07] Q9: Does TechNews do anything in the influencer marketing space?

●      [11:37] Q10: Is that similar to the Klout score in the early 2000s?

●      [12:07] Q11: What do you think AI is going to do for TechNews?

●      [13:04] Q12: Do you think AI will help data become more personalized?

●      [14:16] Q13: Do you think the future of PR Pro will become more data scientists?

●      [15:01] Q14: Do you think digital and physical tracking will morph and understand people better?

●      [16:00] Data misuse has been in the public’s mind for months.

●      [16:34] Q15: Do you think PR will ever be fully digital?

●      [18:04] Q16: Do you think podcasting will be another tool to get the message out?

●      [18:59] Q17: What excites you about the tech industry?

●      [20:41] Q18: How are some ways PR Pros can get the right data?

●      [23:01] Q19: Where do you think PR Pros waste their time when it comes to tracking?

●      [24:30] Q20: Similar to reach on social, but, what did those people that you “reached” do?

●      [26:22] Q21: How much data is too much data?

●      [29:00] Q22: Do you have any advice for people that want to get into PR and the tech industry?

●      [30:47] Q23: Final Thoughts

People and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      Learn more about TechNews

●      Leon Harbar was our guest today.

Episode Length: 32:59

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!

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Brett Deister

PR/Marketing Pro, writer, live stream gamer, the host of Digital Coffee Podcast.

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