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The iPhone 7 will be announced next week. That’s great news for a lot of Apple lovers. There are a lot of you too. However, Apple is in hot water over the “touch disease.” It is a nasty glitch for the iPhone. It basically makes the touch interface difficult to use or non-functioning. For a smartphone, that makes it useless. Some people are not happy about this. They have decided to bring a class-action lawsuit. They claim that Apple knew about this and has done nothing to help the situation. This is a sad turn of events for Apple. Apple has been on a slow decline for the past few years. It should be interesting to see how Apple handles this.

Anyways, on with the show!

Tech News Decrypted:
iPhone 7 rumored specs
Apple hit with a class-action lawsuit
Instagram adds stories to the explore tab
Facebook’s trending topic algorithm fail
Google Cast is now built into Chrome
New rules for drones
T-Mobile changes its new plan
Sony has a new smartwatch
Google Wallet now transfers money straight to your banking account
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Tweetable Quotes:
The Facebook trending fail tells you how bad their algorithms really are.

Oh! Two cameras in the iPhone 7 Plus.

A smartwatch with a battery that lasts three weeks. Count me in!

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