The Reason Why Having a Brand Voice is Important

Today’s Episode

Brand Voice, it’s an important aspect of marketing any business. However, many companies do not seem to have it. The problem can be many things. The marketing person does not know about it. The business hires an unseasoned marketer. The main reason, the marketers does not make time. Being a marketing professional is difficult. There’s always something going on. The marketers can at times, put out many fires. They are the ones doing the communication for the company. That means internal and external communication, speech writing and more. Hats off to all my wonderful marketers. You are one in a million.

Anyways, on with the show!

Marketing News Analyzed:

  • Twitter loves content creator
  • Snapchat has a big update for its iOS app
  • LinkedIn supports hashtags.
  • Google Analytics adds workspaces
  • Pinterest updates it ad platform
  • Facebook is making offers better
  • Facebook is making the web faster
  • Instagram launches zoom
  • Why a brand voice is important

Apps/Programs to Try:

Tweetable Quotes:

[Tweet “Having a brand voice keeps the company on point.”]

[Tweet “I do not understand why LinkedIn did not roll out hashtags on web and mobile.”]

[Tweet “Facebook, if I am paying you, I should get what I paid for.”]

[Tweet “If you’re not on Pinterest, you should be.”]

[Tweet “Now small businesses can make geofilters.”]


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