The Internet Strikes back and New features from Snapchat and Instagram


Today’s Episode

New features from Snapchat is a good sign. They’ve taken a beating in the stock market and for user growth. I talk about this new Instagram feature and more tech news here.

Show Timeline:

New Intro
Qualcomm and Apple battle it out
India wants Windows OS for cheap
Microsoft layoffs and restructure
Instagram has a new feature
Waymo drops a few patents in its fight against Uber
mySugr looks great for diabetics
Jawbone exits the consumer market
Soundcloud lay off 173 staff and closes offices
What Snapmap is really about
Snapchat has new features
Blue Apron and its IPO
Amazon Prime Day
CNN, stick to the news.
Highlights from the Show:

India it’s your fault for not updating. Take responsibility

This legal battle is not going to well

At least Facebook finally came out with a new feature

Podcasters, be sure you use something other than SoundCloud

People do not understand the opt-in for Snapmap

I’ve always said that Snapchat should over innovate Facebook

Blue Apron sound interesting but analysts are wrong sometimes.