The Story of the Terrible Government and Their Incompetence.

Today’s Episode

Again, the government fails. It has made Android weak and compromised the encryption all for law enforcement. It’s just another example of the government failing to recognize its shortcomings. We also have a potential president not being prosecuted for carelessness. I do not care how high up you are, if you mess with national security, then you should be fined. Instead, she is just told how careless she was. We all knew that. We want justice. I, like many others, have lost all faith in the government. I do not think they know how to govern. Maybe we should give them a dummies guide to governing. At least the FTC is doing something useful. They are investigating Ashley Madison. I do think that site should be investigated. Not for what they do, but, for the practice. Pretending to have women on that site is deceptive.

It’s not a good way to do business. You should never trick people to buy your product. Anyways, let’s start the show!

Tech News Discussed:

  • The adults are using Snapchat. Time to move on teens
  • There’s a leaked photo of the iPhone 7.
  • Blackberry is saying goodbye to its classic phone.
  • Death by selfie.
  • FBI clears Hillary of charges but we all know she is stupid when it comes to tech.
  • Twitter adds a Facebooker to its company
  • China loves its censorship
  • FTC investigating Ashley Madison.
  • and more!

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[Tweet “Oh no! The adults are coming to Snapchat! Run for the hills!”]

[Tweet “She did something wrong and she should be accountable for it.”]

[Tweet “I want my tombstone to say, “The government does not understand tech.””]