It’s a tech world full of cheap labor and Russian hacking!

Today’s Episode

Russian hacking. It’s always big news! The media has a fascination with the Russia. I do think it’s time for them to break-up. However, the Department of Justice released a statement claiming Russian involvement with the Yahoo incident. It did hurt Yahoo a lot. They had one of the worst hacks in recent memory and it damaged their brand quite a bit. We shall see if Russia will hand over these people or just not play ball.

Show Timeline:

  • Facebook launches “Town Hall” this can’t go wrong…
  • Facebook tests its copy of Snapchat
  • Google has an app for parents to control their kid’s phones
  • Hacked: Twitter Counter got hacked!
  • WhatsApp says yes to Text Status… again
  • Those Russians: Russian hackers accused of hacking Yahoo
  • Tech companies fight for cheap labor…
  • You’ll be able to have driveless cars in Cali
  • Emma Watson and more hacked… good grief!
  • Gopro cuts more jobs
  • FCC chief wants 5G and he wants it now.
  • Microsoft fixed a lot of bugs. Like record numbers
  • Chrome throttling background tabs for better performance
  • Apple’s in trouble with Russia

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Highlights from the Show:

Tech companies do not care about immigrants unless it involves their bottom line.

This “Town Hall” feature is not going to be good…

The media loves to blame the Russians. Even though, this is more credible now.

Facebook has a love affair with Snapchat features.


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