Tech media stop virtue signaling and Apple, Google, Facebook shut up

Today’s Episode

Oh, tech media, what the hell is your problem. Yes, you should not bow to all of your reader’s whims, but, berating them is not good for your business. If your readers are telling you to report on tech more than politics, that may be something to look at. If this same group grows larger and larger, then, it’s time to listen. Writing an article about how they should shut up, means you should be doing the same thing. It’s time to stop pretending you have the moral authority to tell your readers they are wrong. Stop.

This leads me to the tech companies. Stop. Your arguments are terrible about the executive order on immigration. First, it’s not a ban. Stop calling it that. Second, no, your business was started by a White American. Last, we are not a nation of immigrants and stop using that argument. We were, but how long does it take to not be an immigrant?

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Show Timeline:

  • Facebook is working on a streaming app
  • Comcast is doing what Comcast does
  • Microsoft is building a Windows cloud system
  • GoPro is making the Karma Drone again
  • Does Facebook want to be YouTube because YouTube is YouTube?
  • H&R Block is using tech for your taxes.
  • Instagram is testing out multiple photos posts
  • 400 million people use Messenger Video and Audio
  • Slack is going after enterprise
  • You may want to uninstall your Anti-Virus
  • No, Next Web you should listen to your audience
  • Techies are dummies when talking about politics

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Highlights from the show:

The tech media needs to stop moralizing and listen to their audience.

I do not understand tech companies hating western culture.

I’m fine if you disagree with me.


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