Talking about the Google Event. Yes, it’s mostly about that.

Today’s Episode

It finally happened. The Google Event finally revealed what we all knew. Yes, there was not surprised. Google announced the Pixel phone to no one’s surprise. It looks like a great phone. The best vanilla Android out there. I am sad they retired the Nexus brand. The Daydream VR product surprised me. I was happy to see the price was so low for a VR product. What did you think?

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Tech News Decoded:

  • Yahoo rebrands to Yahoo Newsroom
  • Yahoo is reading your emails
  • You can add your Periscope account to your Twitter profile
  • Pinterest hires its first CFO
  • Talking about the Google event
  • My thoughts on the Google Event

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Tweetable Quotes:

[Tweet “The Pixel Phone was announced and no one was surprised.”]

[Tweet “I dislike Marketplace because Facebook is trying to eat the Internet.”]

[Tweet “I equally hate both political parties. That’s equality!”]


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