Talking about the demise of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Today’s Episode

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not having a good year. It was released to a lot of praise, but, that quickly turned into exploding phones. Now government agencies are telling to not to use this phone. I was thinking of buying one, but, not anymore. I like to have my phone not set fire to my place. Samsung needs to can get this crisis taken care of. It has hurt it’s brand big time. Just like Twitter, this is not their year. Twitter is trying to find that sweet spot for growth. Lately, it is testing tools and notification to get people to say on Twitter. It needs to find that cool factor again. I do not think it’s there yet, but, it can get it’s mojo back.

Anyways, time to listen to the show!

Tech News Decoded:

  • It’s not looking good for Samsung
  • ACLU wants Obama to pardon Snowden
  • Twitter is finally updating its 140 character limit
  • Twitter informs you when your favorite live streamer is streaming
  • Messengers revamp payments, bots, and ads
  • Netflix does not like data caps
  • Coding Confessional lets coder share their true feelings
  • Google shows you how it does copyright claims
  • LinkedIn goes lite in India
  • eBay wants to buy your smartphone
  • Google has some vulnerabilities
  • Tim Cook says something about Macs
  • MIT can finally judge a book by its cover.

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Tweetable Quotes:

[Tweet “I feel for the Samsung Marketing and PR teams.”]

[Tweet “The two things Facebook loves to do: place ads everywhere and copy Snapchat.”]

[Tweet “4 years without updating your Mac line is too long.”]


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