Talking about AMD, Evernote, Twitter, and Internet of Things

Today’s Episode

AMD finally unveiled their newest CPUs. AMD seems to be on the rise and their stocks have been doing very well. The RYZEN processors have a chance to take on Intel. We won’t know how good or bad these chips are until 2017. It looks like AMD is getting back to their competitive form next year. It started this year with their RX 400 series graphics cards. 2017 is shaping out to be a great year in CPUs.

Find out more below.

Tech News Decoded:

  • Vimeo launches new tv apps
  • Nokia has a cheap phone for you
  • Yahoo had another breach
  • Microsoft Edge is slowing going away from Flash
  • You can now live stream on Twitter
  • You can save Instagram pictures
  • Instagram starts rolling out live streaming
  • Snapchat adds a group chat feature
  • Ashley Madison settles with the FTC
  • Facebook looking to create it’s own video content
  • Evernote wants to read your notes?
  • Google launches Android Things
  • California goes green for stupid reasons
  • AMD unveils Zen or RYZEN

Apps/Programs to Try:

Tweetable Quotes:

The government should really get out of the green energy industry.

It’s good to see AMD back in competitive form.

Evernote this is a PR nightmare you did not have to be a part in.

Periscope merging with Twitter was only a matter of time.

Yahoo, you are telling people not to do business with you.


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