Talking about the DDoS attack, bullying and AT&T/Time Warner deal


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The DDoS attack is a wake-up call. This happens quite a bit in the gaming industry. DDoS seems to happen monthly. However, seeing this happen on a bigger scale is scary. The other problem is terrible security for wearable technology. These companies are sacrificing security for speed and ease. People want things to be fast. However, speed sometimes is not the best outcome. We need a better option. I do think that AI could help with that. I know this is a touchy subject. Movies have shown the darker side of AI. However, I think it could help with the problem. The problem is the sophistication of the DDoS. It’s going to get worse, but, I believe we can find a better way.

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Tech News Decoded:
Outlook goes premium and ad-free for a price
Facebook partners with PayPal for send transaction through Messenger
Facebook has a safety center because bullying
There could be an all-in-one PC and phone coming from Microsoft
Apple adds portrait mode to iPhone 7 Plus
It looks like Google Assistant is better than Siri
FTC gets complaints about deceptive ads
Twitter is releasing their earnings at 4 am PST
Co-founder of Klout has a new business
AI helps with court cases
AT&T wants to buy Time Warner. Still a bad idea
We know one cause of the DDoS attack
Android Pay adds Visa Checkout and MasterPass
Apps/Programs to Try:
Simple Contacts
Tweetable Quotes:
If you’re being bullied online, leave. You do not have to take it.

Parents make a toy kids want into a learning experience. Teach them hard work.

AT&T and Time Warner deal is just bad. No.

We need to hold wearable companies accountable for terrible security.

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