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The DDoS attack is a wake-up call. This happens quite a bit in the gaming industry. DDoS seems to happen monthly. However, seeing this happen on a bigger scale is scary. The other problem is a terrible security for wearable technology. These companies are sacrificing security for speed and ease. People want things to be fast. However, speed sometimes is not the best outcome. We need a better option. I do think that AI could help with that. I know this is a touchy subject. Movies have shown the darker side of AI. However, I think it could help with the problem. The problem is the sophistication of the DDoS. It’s going to get worse, but, I believe we can find a better way.

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Tech News Decoded:
Outlook goes premium and ad-free for a price
Facebook partners with PayPal for sending transaction through Messenger
Facebook has a safety center because bullying
There could be an all-in-one PC and phone coming from Microsoft
Apple adds portrait mode to iPhone 7 Plus
It looks like Google Assistant is better than Siri
FTC gets complaints about deceptive ads
Twitter is releasing their earnings at 4 am PST
Cofounder of klout has a new business
AI helps with court cases
AT&T wants to buy Time Warner. Still a bad idea
We know one cause of the DDoS attack
Android Pay adds Visa Checkout and MasterPass
Apps/Programs to Try:
Simple Contacts
Tweetable Quotes:
If you’re being bullied online, leave. You do not have to take it.

Parents make a toy kid went into a learning experience. Teach them hard work.

AT&T and Time Warner deal is just bad. No.

We need to hold wearable companies accountable for terrible security.

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