Twitch and equality? Hunt: Showdown, Overwatch and more!


I love that gaming gets so much attention. Twitch is a powerhouse in the gaming industry, and they even have grants, but, seriously where’s the equality? I thought that’s what silicon valley is all about? No? Ok, well I discuss this and more!

Listen to Episode Here:

Show Topics:

  • Twitch Grant
    • Why is there no equality in this?
  • Overwatch League Impressions
  • Overwatch new character
  • Hunt: Showdown early access
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance sells 1 million
  • Plus Impressions

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E3 opens up to the public, Activision lays off some staff, Mass Effect dialogue

Activision lays off

Today’s Episode

Activision lays off some staff from its developers. This is because of Call of Duty and missing Q4 projections. It’s sad and unfortunate to hear people losing their jobs. However, Call of Duty is in a rut. It has had some upgrades to the game, but, releasing games every year makes it boring. We shall see if Call of Duty in 2017 will be different and better. I do hope it does. Even though I do not prefer playing the game, I still like seeing competition from these developers.

I’ve been playing For Honor open beta a little. It’s interesting. This could be a surprise hit for Ubisoft if they can keep it competitive and have an equal distribution between the factions. That was the problem with Planetside 2. In the beginning, one faction dominated. We shall see.

Find out more down below.

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Gamer’s Cafe sips on CES, Overwatch, and Long War 2?

sips on ces overwatch

Today’s Episode

This episode of Gamer’s Cafe sips on CES, Overwatch and more. CES is a big event and sometimes a weird one. However, there can be some great new tech coming out. AMD is releasing some promising new addition to its line and Nvidia’s new shield, 2017 looks like a very promising year. Seeing more 4k monitors is a good sign for prices to drop. Dell has an 8k monitor and some many more great game news. It does make a gamer giddy!

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Battlefield 1 & Rainbow Six Siege updates, your Christmas list

Christmas list

Today’s Episode

Christmas is almost here! If you’re scrambling for a Christmas list full of games, this is for you! It’s hard to know which games are good and which ones to avoid. This goes for people not in the know with the gaming industry. Not every game is alike, and some, are downright awful. I here to help! The games I choose are a good mix or different genres. They are top AAA games and some independent games. 2016 was a great year. Here’s to an interesting 2017!

Scroll down to hear about my list.

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Talking about the Game Awards, Overwatch, Rocket League, and more!

Game Awards

Today’s Episode

The Game Awards was on Thursday. I did not see it because I was busy. I do think most people do not watch this because of many reasons. They seem to be like all the other awards shows out there. I rarely watch any of them. Why? I really don’t care about the awards. It’s nice when a game you like get recognition, but, gamer’s play games. We care about reviews. That’s really about it. Award shows are for the industry. They may have been for the gamers at one time, but, gaming is mainstream now. Oh well, game on!

Find out more below!

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This is What Should Be On Your Christmas List

Christmas List

Today’s Episode

Yes, Christmas is right now the corner! This episode I give a short list of games and gear you should have on your Christmas list. If you missed any of these games, you should have them on your list. Also, looking for a new mouse or keyboard,  I give my recommendation too. If you do not know what you should get, this podcast episode is for you.

Also, I talk about Overwatch updates, Mass Effect, and No Man’s Sky; who decided to break their silence.  It’s all very interesting! Enjoy the show!

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Overwatch is free, Ubisoft hates stories and my review of Dishonored 2

Ubisoft hates stories

Today’s Episode

Ubisoft can we talk? Ubisoft hates stories? Apparently, they do not want to write narratives anymore. I cannot remember the last game I played where the story was good. Ubisoft hates stories. They do not want to create interesting characters. The problem with gaming stories is they all seem to follow a pattern. Yes, I know there are only some many ways to write a story. However, the gaming industry is not willing to risk that much. The problem is the best stories can come from those risks. I hope they find a way to do both.

I talk about more in the podcast, find out what?

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Bullets, Titans and Parkour:Titanfall 2 Review

Titanfall 2 Review

Titanfall 2 Review:

Titanfall, welcome back. The first game was an interesting mix of foot soldier and titan. It was the start of jetpacks and parkour. This led Call of Duty to do the same. There were some problems with the game; mainly the campaign being multiplayer only. That makes playing the game alone, incredibly hard. The player base was split due to the DLC and made people playing it dwindle. However, that is the past and this is now. Can Titanfall 2 rise above the other shooter titans Battlefield and Call of Duty? Does this game improve upon the first one? Let’s find out!

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This episode has New Games, VR, Updates and blunders


Today’s Episode

The latest blunder in a long line of blunders in the gaming industry is Metal Gear. What the heck? I do not understand why they made it a co-op zombie game. This just sounds slapped on. I know the creator of the series left, but, come up with something original. If we are seeing the sad end to Metal Gear, then so be it. I am not interested in this at all. However, Deus Ex is coming out! That looks to continue what the prequel did so well. I cannot wait for this.

Anyways, on with the show!

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This episode is a QuakeCon Doom, Quake, and Prey explosion!


Today’s Episode

There’s been an explosion of news coming from QuakeCon. Today, they revealed Prey and Quake Champions gameplay trailers. They got me excited for these games. Quake is bringing back the old school shooter vibe. This is lacking in many first-person shooter games. The reason, Call of Duty influence. This game has enhanced or infected first-person shooter games for years. Many developers tried to replicate their success. This usually led to clones that were not good. It’s great to see these old games coming back. It reminds all the old gamers about the heyday. It also makes you aware how old you are. It’s a great time to be a gamer!

Now, on with the show!

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