Reviewed: Hitman and Witcher 3 Blood and Wine, plus E3 predictions


Today’s Episode

E3 is right around the corner and that means games are going to announce for the first time to the public. This is usually the preemptive strike for holiday games. We all know that Call of Duty is going to be released in November, that is always a given. However, there are plenty of games we do not know about yet. This is an exciting E3 because Bethesda is doing another show. They did say last year that it would be on a year-to-year basis, but they seem to have enough games to make another show. I’m interested in seeing what they are cooking up. They usually make great games. The next thing I want to see is what Ubisoft is going to do with The Division, Ghost Recon, Watch_Dogs and Rainbow Six. Some were better received than others and I would like to The Division be a better game. I’m hoping CD Projekt has some announcements for everyone too. Other than that, August cannot come soon enough! Now the show begins!

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Cheaters hate Overwatch, Battlefield 1 was almost not made

BF 1

Today’s Episode

History is not our strong suit. That seems to be the reason why BF 1 was considered to be risky. EA thought that younger people did not know we even had a World War 1. Yes, the reason for the war is complex and many complicated reasons for why this war happened. I am glad that DICE convinced EA to make this game. It looks great and may be one of the best games of 2016. I don’t know for sure, but, it could be. Another weird announcement was for Sims 4. Maxis released a statement talking about inclusiveness and all the SJW rhetoric. They did not need to do a full-on media blitz for this, but, the news reported it anyways. That does include me. This may not be a popular opinion, but, if you hate there are only two sexes, then blame nature. This whole, you can be anything you want has gotten out of control and transgender is not a gender. I’m sorry, but, that is completely made up.

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Talking about Overwatch and Battleborn impressions so far


Today’s Episode

We are in the month of May. That means several high profile games are coming out. It also is the month of big reveals. Activision has released a trailer for the next Call of Duty and Sega has released a trailer for Dawn of War 3. Tomorrow we will see what Battlefield 5 is all about. This is shaping up to be an interesting year for gaming. First off, there are going to be more Star Wars games; let’s hope it is better than Battlefront. The Division is finally going to give better drops, that has been a problem. I am interested to see how Doom is going to be. Luckily for you, I am reviewing it once it comes out. It is interesting to see if the free-to-play model will be around. There have been some games ditching that model for the standard one. Now if only we could get rid of Call of Duty for a year, that would be an even better year! Read further and listen to the full episode below.

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No Man’s Sky needs no story and Hitman review

No Man's Sky

Today’s Episode

No Man’s Sky looks poised to become an incredible game. The tech behind it is worth a playthrough. It is interesting that they went with no story in the game. I agree with their decision to not add a story. The whole point of No Man’s Sky is to explore the universe. A story, no matter how good it would be, is going to get in the way. We will find out if having no story was a wise choice. Doom is coming out soon and adding a permadeath to the hardest level should make it brutal. The game does go back to its roots. They have eliminated regenerating health and brought back the twitch shooting. I am intrigued if this game plays well and is fun. The new episode of Hitman came out recently and it shows how great the franchise can be. This is the best I’ve seen of Hitman in a while. Hitman fans should be delighted. There’s more I talk about in the podcast. Check it out!

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The problem with The Division and exploits


Today’s Episode

Cheating, exploits, hacking, they’re all a part of gaming. The Division has been in the news lately about different exploits. You can do a quick Google search of any game and find companies offering cheats. It’s fine if it’s a single player game, but a multiplayer game can be frustrating. Playing someone that can see through walls or do headshots all the time makes any gamer rage. The problem can be a bad anti-cheating system or a lack of admins. I have never been a fan of anti-cheating programs because they do not work. Using admins can be the best way of combating cheating and they can abuse their power too. The other problem is the gaming industry is doing a bad job of limiting exploits. Every new patch comes with a few more exploits. The cycle never ends and I feel most developers are rushing to get patches out. Maybe they do their best to have quality control. It does seem to be getting worse too. I don’t know if there is an easy answer, but there needs to be better quality control. Find out more about this discussion below.

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Tom Clancy’s: The Division Review. It’s Full of Bullet Sponges

The Division

Welcome Agent

New York is under attack and there’s only one person that can save the city, you! A virus has decimated New York .  The Division is here to save New York. I tread through sewers, subway tunnels, buildings and the wintry streets of New York. So, is this third-person action/MMO game great? Let’s uncover the truth about this game!

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Gaming news galore and wondering what’s wrong with The Division

gaming news

Today’s Episode

Gaming news aside, the Doom closed beta was last weekend and I had fun trying it out. It was great to get back to the old arena shooter feeling. It has been sorely missed. There is some aspect of the game id needs to fix, but I do not think it is game breaking. The Division is another story. The developers need a better fix for the game than what they have been purposing. The main problem is the fact that they keep calling it an RPG. It has some RPG elements, but there’s really only one stat that really matters, DPS. Roles do not matter in The Division. It’s wasted potential. The Division is running into the same problems Destiny has faced. I do not think they will dig themselves out of it either. The PC community is harsh on boring, bland games. Battlefront is learning from this and, I think, The Division will too.

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Gamer’s Cafe talks about betas, games, and Curse update!

On Today’s Episode:

Hey, Gamer‘s! There’s a lot of games coming out over the next two months. Here are some coming out in the next two months: Doom, OverWatch, Battleborn, Banner Saga 2 and more! It’s a great time to game. There’s some much gaming on the horizon that sleep will be an afterthought. What game are you excited about? I ‘m excited about all of them! What can I say, I love gaming. Well, the bad games, not so much. Another interesting thing happened today. Curse, the gaming messenger updated and it looks great. I’m excited to see what’s in store for this messaging client. Let’s chat on there. My screen name is Yadude2. Let’s chat about our favorite games and play them. Now, here’s what I’ll be discussing today.

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Gamer’s Cafe hates bad storytelling and demands better!

Warning: Rant Incoming!

Gamer’s Cafe hates bad storytelling and demands better! When making a game, storytelling is important. I feel most games do not try or do not give enough time to develop a great story. Gaming is not the only industry with this problem, movies have a tendency to follow a checklist too. This is good at times, but for truly amazing storytelling, this is not the best way. Checklists can help drive storytelling, but, it lacks that creative element. Game developers should try to find a balance in this process. I’m not saying have no deadlines, but give enough time for developing a story. Stories are great in an abstract form, but sometimes developers lose something in the process. This is of time constraints or budget. I think it’s time to look at the story again because your game suffers from terrible a story.

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Gamer’s Cafe goes in the dark zone with a light! Episode 11

Gamer‘s Cafe goes in the dark zone with a light! Yes, I have been playing The Division and have enjoyed it for the most part. I have seen some issues with it, but that does not make it a bad game. What I find head scratching is the day one DLC. I do believe publishers should just include that in the game. There is not need to take a small portion or some dumb outfit out to make more money. The best way is to make the game great. At least, they don’t affect gameplay. Ubisoft made the right choice in that regard. The Division is popular, though, it is the best-selling game for Ubisoft. The other funny thing about developers is when they say they are working on lots of projects and then retreat back from their own statements. Oops! Now onto other tech news!

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