Gamer’s Cafe hates bad storytelling and demands better!

Warning: Rant Incoming!

Gamer’s Cafe hates bad storytelling and demands better! When making a game, storytelling is important. I feel most games do not try or do not give enough time to develop a great story. Gaming is not the only industry with this problem, movies have a tendency to follow a checklist too. This is good at times, but for truly amazing storytelling, this is not the best way. Checklists can help drive storytelling, but, it lacks that creative element. Game developers should try to find a balance in this process. I’m not saying have no deadlines, but give enough time for developing a story. Stories are great in an abstract form, but sometimes developers lose something in the process. This is of time constraints or budget. I think it’s time to look at the story again because your game suffers from terrible a story.

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Digital Coffee The Caffeine Awakens

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Yes, Digital Coffee The Caffeine Awakens. It’s a new episode and that means Star Wars is here and Reddit is going to be blocking those spoilers, Valve is being sued, Evernote is cutting some apps, YouTube is releasing more tools for YouTube Gaming, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Rainbow Six Siege is free this weekend and more!

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Star Wars Battlefront Review

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It’s been a decade since Star Wars Battlefront 2. A new developer running the franchise, will this bring Battlefront to new heights? Or will gamers think this is the “Jar Jar Binks” of the franchise.

The Brewer

DICE has been an innovator in sound and graphics design. Their proven experience making amazing first person shooter experiences with the Battlefield series. DICE has brought that experience to the Star Wars brand. They have excelled in those areas. Bringing the Star Wars galaxy to life can be a daunting task. Can DICE meet the expectations of many gamers and fans? Let’s find out!

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Digital Coffee is Brewed for the Weekend!

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Happy Weekend! Digital Coffee is new this weekend. Today I discuss Google+ new design, Google now puts apps in search, Batman gets more bad news, PushBullet gives a guide on how to piss your customers off, Comcast tries a new pricing scheme, Cove is a journal for those that can write, I review Star Wars Battlefront, Google Hangouts lets people use it without an account, and more!


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Digital Coffee, Brewed to Perfection Weekend Episode

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Digital Coffee, Brewed to Perfection Weekend Episode is all new! This weekend has all the love and drama tech news can offer! Some highlights from the episode: Fallout 4 sold 12 million copies in one day. That’s right Fallout 4 is a big hit! Not a surprising to anyone in the gaming community. However, Jones Soda Co. did not get the message. Yes, the made a special soda for Fallout 4 and to no one’s shock it sold out quickly. Prompting many gamers to complain that they wanted more. It looks like Jones Soda will try to make more! Google updates its map with local guide and offline mode. Youtube releases Youtube Music to no one’s surprise and more!




Your Morning Digital Brew

History of the Space Combat Games

I am introducing a new segment into Digital Coffee. It is the history of… and this will about different aspects of  the tech industry. This week I am talking about the space combat games. If you were wondering, yes this will be about the Star Wars, and Wing Commander series. I hope you enjoy! Check back next week as I talk about Origin game studios.