Facebook still going strong, GMB updates, Instagram’s new feature and Snapchat gets interesting


Controversies are always going to happen. The problem is, most advertisers/marketers do not care if it doesn’t affect the bottom line. They say how terrible it is just to get leverage on a company.

Topics Discussed:

  • Facebook Showdown Custom Audience in Ads
  • Advertisers are not going to leave Facebook
  • Why this is an ethical problem
  • Google My Business Now Has Offers
  • GMB has a business description
  • Adwords Releases New Keyword Planner Tool
  • Instagram Opens up Shopping Tags for more businesses
  • Interesting Research on Instagram hashtags and more
  • SnapChat adds more features to Snap Map

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The Village Idiots are Running Social Media and Other Tech News.

social media

Seriously, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, can you make one intelligent decision? This year is not your year. Facebook has a massive problem, and people are finally taking notice. I feel like the village idiots finally got the power they always wanted. It’s going to be an interesting show.

Show Topics:

  • Facebook and the terrible mess
  • The reaction to the Facebook mess
  • Twitter’s unclear rules
  • Who is running this business?
  • YouTube is going to piss off people
  • What you should do about it.

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Amazon sells big, Facebook has new prompts and Vine is no more


Today’s Episode

Vine is no more. Vine is shutting down soon. This is not a surprise to anyone. The social platform was not supported by Twitter and it focused on live streaming. The audience dwindled and it is shutting down. It will live on as a camera, but, take a backseat to Periscope. It’s a shame to how this all went down, but, six-second videos did not need a standalone platform. This is the best alternative. It is a reminder that everything can die and build your audience on different platforms is a wise decision. There are other platforms to do short video. There is no shortage of that. Facebook did a short update to brand pages. It’s an interesting way to get business to post different content. I wonder if it will be any good. Only time will tell.

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Happy New Year! Today’s Episode is looking for the digital marketing future

digital marketing future

Today’s Episode

Happy new year! Well, 2016 is done and now it’s time to find the digital marketing future! Yes, I will go through some marketing news and give you my predictions of 2017. The marketing industry is going through a transition and it is a needed one. Now is a great time to tell you what I would like to see in 2017. Live and recorded video is going to be more and more popular this year. There is more, but, you have to find out by listening! I do hope everyone had a great New Years Eve! That you look forward to 2017. Let’s all create great content and killer marketing plans.

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Pinterest Showcases and what the Web 3.0 might be

Web 3.0

Today’s Episode

The web is an everything changing environment. We are in 2.0 and now web 3.0 is upon us. It seems to be more about voice search and AMP. This could change, but, we are in an interesting. Yes, everything changes quickly; sometimes more so than we want. I go through why you need to know this and at least look into it. Also, Pinterest launched a new feature called showcase. This allows brands to showcase boards that may not be performing well and products your selling on Pinterest. I like this new feature. I think this could help brands show off their best content. This could bring more engagement to brands if they do it right. If you have not seen it yet, then you don’t have a business page. You should probably get on that.

Anyways, on with the show!

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Is it time to rethink the Brand Voice?

Brand Voice

Today’s Episode

Businesses care about their brand voice. It is the only thing customers know about the brand… usually. This is the way the company conveys its message to the world.  Businesses spend hours on getting it right. However, have we gotten it all wrong? This election shows always being sorry for any perceived outrage may not be the best strategy. Maybe, just maybe, we marketers need to branch out and have a slight offending voice. We all know we cannot please everyone. Businesses do try, but, fail at it all the time. Pleasing everyone is never a great strategy. Losing customers is not either, but, you will lose some customers. I have never seen any business keep all their customers. The reason is, not all of their followers are loyal customers. They may be a one time purchase. It’s important to know that and work to make a brand voice that speaks to your loyal customers.

Find out more down below.

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The First Episode of Coffee For Two: I Interview Julie LaCroix

Coffee For Two

Today’s Episode

Coffee For Two is here! It’s going to be a once a month interview show. Yes, this is a new section of the podcast where I interview Julie LaCroix. She is a great person that helps anyone out with figuring out your career path.  It’s a great time of learning and fun. If you have listened to me for a while, I always got between sarcasm, witty, and let you learn something. Hint: You should always learn a new skill.  Life is hard, it can be rewarding too. I hope this helps and if you have anyone knows someone I should interview, let me now in the comments below. I enjoy talking to new people and learning from their experience.

Scroll down to hear the show! Enjoy!

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The Reason Why You Should Have A Diverse Social Media Plan

Social Media Plan

Today’s Episode

Social media plans are important for any business, brand, or personality.  It’s good to have a goal or plan for your business. Social media companies are fickle and they change all the time. It’s a good strategy to be on more than one social network. However, not being on every social network. The biggest reason for this is any of these sites can shut down. They can  pivot and do something different. There is no guarantee that the platform will not change or be there for a long time. It is unknowable. However, the site you can control is your own website. This is your best asset and something you need. Your website is the place you call home. Treat your home well.

Scroll down to listen to the show.

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The Reason Why Having a Brand Voice is Important

brand voice

Today’s Episode

Brand Voice, it’s an important aspect of marketing any business. However, many companies do not seem to have it. The problem can be many things. The marketing person does not know about it. The business hires an unseasoned marketer. The main reason, the marketers does not make time. Being a marketing professional is difficult. There’s always something going on. The marketers can at times, put out many fires. They are the ones doing the communication for the company. That means internal and external communication, speech writing and more. Hats off to all my wonderful marketers. You are one in a million.

Anyways, on with the show!

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Twitter: Be Consistent


I do not have a problem Twitter banning people. They are a private/public company. They have to protect their brand. Their responsibility is to their reputation. Twitter is in a bad situation. They are a short-form social network. User growth has been flat for months. It’s not looking good for Twitter. However, does that mean you should ban people you do not agree with? Twitter thinks so.

The problem: Twitter keeps saying it’s a beacon for free speech. No, you’re not. Honestly, this is not free speech. Twitter and others are doing worse in Europe:

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft sign EU hate speech code

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Microsoft agree to remove hate speech across the EU

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft agree to EU hate speech rules

There’s a persistent clampdown on speech abroad. Twitter, Facebook, Google and others are making sure people do not talk the problems Europe is having with crime and the refugees.

[Tweet “My problem is Twitter keeps talking about how they want to preserve free speech.”]

My problem is Twitter keeps talking about how they want to preserve free speech. Milo is the latest in Twitter’s lack of consistency. Twitter banned him for being on the wrong side of the political spectrum. I do not care what political leaning the CEO ascribes to. It affects the business. Twitter, you’re not apolitical. If Twitter does act on its own policies most of these would be considered harassment. However, they are not. If you are going to have rules/guidelines; be consistent. I’m using Leslie Jones because she did targeted harassment.

Screenshot (19)

The Free Speech Problem:

I don’t think Leslie Jones understands free speech. I’m referring to what the constitution states. The constitution protects hate speech. The courts have defended unsavory speech. The reason: they wanted good speech protected. You cannot give an individual unfettered judgment over what is “good” and “bad” speech.

However, businesses are not the government. The first amendment does not apply to them. They are not bound by it. Unfortunately, most Americans do not understand what the First Amendment. We blindly think free speech is only speech we agree with. We need to understand the only speech that is not protected is the one that incites violence.

[Tweet “You cannot give an individual unfettered judgment over what is “good” and “bad” speech.”]

List of United States Supreme Court cases involving the First Amendment 

I am using Wikipedia because they have links to the court cases.

The Elephant in the Room:

The biggest problem I have with Jack Dorsey is this relationship he has with Deray Mckesson. They have been on a Recode talk. Twitter has given donations to his bid for Mayor of Baltimore.

Netflix, YouTube, and Twitter donate to Black Lives Matter activist’s mayoral campaign  

This is a conflict of interest. Twitter seems biased or compromised in this matter. It’s time for them to acknowledge this fact.

[Tweet “This is a conflict of interest.”]

I do not mind if Twitter is a left-leaning social network. I would not agree with their direction, but, it’s not my company. Facebook is the same way. They are both lying to everyone about their objectivity. The evidence does not support the claim.

You Get a Ban, You Get One, Everyone Gets a Ban!

This is the most damning part of Twitter’s weird banning policy. Charles C. Johnson got banned from Twitter. The tweet below was the offense.

The tweet above was a neutral tweet. There was no threat.  Deray’s tweet is that of a scared kid. He cannot take criticism. Twitter banned Charles. Is this what free speech has come to? Deray used his influence to get rid of criticism. This is an example of censorship. Twitter’s response is pathetic. Th

Twitter suspended the account of Charles C. Johnson on Sunday after he posted that he had begun to solicit donations that would go toward “taking out” DeRay McKesson, a civil rights activist. – Mashable

The language is vague. This would not hold up in a court of law. A speech case needs a specific threat of violence.  What does “taking out” mean? I do not agree with everything Milo says. I will not agree with everything Charles says. However, that does not mean they should get censored.

Jack, be aware of your lack of consistency. Twitter does not need more drama. Your company is not in a good position to do this. Twitter has lost 20% of its revenue growth. This is a big deal. Twitter: be consistent.