PETA protects fictitious animals, Blizz and the ban hammer and Windows Coolness


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Oh PETA. I grant you that you do some good work, this is not it. We are in the real world, so, why are you picking a battle in a fictitious world? PETA when after the world that is in a constant world. The only reason why they would take on this ridiculous crusade is for attention. Stick to the real world PETA. This was a dumb move. Gamers don’t like this and will think of your company as a joke.  Here more about what I say about this and gaming news down below.

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Welcome Resident Evil, Nintendo Switch up the game, lawsuits, lawsuits.

Nintendo Switch

Today’s Episode

Nintendo Switch, am I the only one that things it’s Wii U 2.0? or maybe, maybe this is what the Wii U should have been. I talk about PC gaming but this is important to discuss. The relaunch of the Nintendo console is interesting. The Wii U is already out the door. I hope this is a success. Nintendo needs a success in this sector. If not, they will go the way of Sega. You can learn more about what I think about the new console in my podcast. Enjoy!

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Battlefield 1 & Rainbow Six Siege updates, your Christmas list

Christmas list

Today’s Episode

Christmas is almost here! If you’re scrambling for a Christmas list full of games, this is for you! It’s hard to know which games are good and which ones to avoid. This goes for people not in the know with the gaming industry. Not every game is alike, and some, are downright awful. I here to help! The games I choose are a good mix or different genres. They are top AAA games and some independent games. 2016 was a great year. Here’s to an interesting 2017!

Scroll down to hear about my list.

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There’s Diversity in the First-Person Shooter Genre

first-person shooter

The first-person shooter genre has been a staple in the gaming industry. Since Wolfenstein was made, there’s was something special about putting a camera with a gun in front and killing things. Doom is what made the genre really hit it strides. When Doom was released it became the most installed program. Windows 95 was second. Fast forward to now, most fps games have been stuck in a formula. There have been some innovations through the years, but diversity has been lacking. Some could argue, there’s not much you could innovate or change in fps games. To a point, they are right, however, gameplay mechanics can be variety. I do think 2015 and 2016 are changing all of that. We are going to see more subgenre fps games. Hopefully, this will bring more interesting ways of playing. Let’s take a look at some of the games that are changing or keeping the fps genre alive.

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Talking about Overwatch and Battleborn impressions so far


Today’s Episode

We are in the month of May. That means several high profile games are coming out. It also is the month of big reveals. Activision has released a trailer for the next Call of Duty and Sega has released a trailer for Dawn of War 3. Tomorrow we will see what Battlefield 5 is all about. This is shaping up to be an interesting year for gaming. First off, there are going to be more Star Wars games; let’s hope it is better than Battlefront. The Division is finally going to give better drops, that has been a problem. I am interested to see how Doom is going to be. Luckily for you, I am reviewing it once it comes out. It is interesting to see if the free-to-play model will be around. There have been some games ditching that model for the standard one. Now if only we could get rid of Call of Duty for a year, that would be an even better year! Read further and listen to the full episode below.

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Tackling diversity, The Division, Doom, and gaming news.


Today’s Episode:

Diversity. It’s all the talk in every group in America. The conversation is usually about the lack of it. Gaming is not impervious to these one-sided arguments. Rarely researched, people throw out diversity for the sake of news. The way most people talk about it is, on a superficial level. There’s a mental checklist of what diversity should include. The main points are race, sex, and sexual orientation.  A diversity of thought is always left out. We are not concerned with different opinions. Different opinions are bad. Unfortunately, some developers are riding this train too. Talking about a”lack of diversity,” it always revolves around race, sex, and sexual orientation. Writers should be more concerned about the depth of their characters.  I’m like the direction Rocket League is going. Adding basketball should be a fun alternative to a great game. Now, onto the episode!

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Gamer’s Cafe looks to the sky for no man – Episode 10

Gamer’s Cafe looks to the sky for no man. Yes, No Man‘s Sky is now available for pre-order. It a great time to explore space sim games. Games like Eve Online, Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen all out or coming out, this is a great time for the space sim genre. I’m excited to see this long-dominant genre making a return. It was odd that it vanished, but first person shooters really took the most developed game of the decade award. It’s a shame because there were many great space sim games that were never seen again. I’m talking to you Freespace and Star Wars. Anyways there more to talk about than that!

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Rainbow Six Siege Review

First person shooters games are a dime a dozen. They are numerous, popular and above all, the same. Rainbow Six Siege hopes to change the formula, or at least, be different. Let’s see if this slow-paced, attack and defend strategy resonate with gamers. Also, if it’s any good because frankly, that’s why we play games!

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