The Village Idiots are Running Social Media and Other Tech News.

social media

Seriously, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, can you make one intelligent decision? This year is not your year. Facebook has a massive problem, and people are finally taking notice. I feel like the village idiots finally got the power they always wanted. It’s going to be an interesting show.

Show Topics:

  • Facebook and the terrible mess
  • The reaction to the Facebook mess
  • Twitter’s unclear rules
  • Who is running this business?
  • YouTube is going to piss off people
  • What you should do about it.

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Leaked Pixel photos, Twitter releases longer tweets and GoPro’s new product!

longer tweets

Today’s Episode

Twitter has finally released its “longer tweets.” That’s right, the media in your tweets will not account against your character count. This is a long time coming. They should have released this years ago. However, at least we get it now. Better late than never! There are some rules to it, but, for the most part, media does not count against it. I am amazed at how long it took them to figure this out. Everyone that uses Twitter always hated that feature. It makes Twitter a little more useful. No longer the anger fist of losing some characters to media. Let’s rejoice and tweet some more!

Now, scroll down to hear the show!

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It’s a fact, native ads suck and Facebook loves ads


Today’s Episode

I’ve said it before, marketers and advertisers do not make great ads. They are usually ok, but, mostly bad. The new reports show that publishers and marketers care about the impressions than trust. If we do not find a way to make them better, there go the profits. However, Facebook is doing well in that aspect. They also love to stuff anything with ads. They are ad happy. That’s a problem. It’s why people use ad-blockers. The problem is, it’s only going to get worse. We need to find a better way. I hope we can strike a balance between revenue and trust. Trust is hard to get back.

Marketers know that trust is everything. Let’s continue to build that trust between our company and customers. Anyways, on with the show!

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