Overwatch community is awesome, Blizzcon update, BF1 DLC gets released


Today’s Episode

BF1 DLC is finally here for premium members and it is interesting. I am not sure about the new mode, but, the maps are pretty good. They have a good mix of open tank battles and confined spaces for infantry. I still have to play more of it to get a feel if this is a good DLC. I am not a fan of the unlock system and I wish DICE would just leave it as a different unlock system. Oh well, there’s are pros and cons to everything.

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It’s a tech world full of cheap labor and Russian hacking!

Russian hacking

Today’s Episode

Russian hacking. It’s always big news! The media has a fascination with the Russia. I do think it’s time for them to break-up. However, the Department of Justice released a statement claiming Russian involvement with the Yahoo incident. It did hurt Yahoo a lot. They had one of the worst hacks in recent memory and it damaged their brand quite a bit. We shall see if Russia will hand over these people or just not play ball.

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Adobe goes to the Max and Microsoft hearts, Teams!


Today’s Episode

Adobe announced the new update for their Creative Cloud. Some of it was cool, but the best updates, Project Felix. This new program will help use 2D/3D pictures to create something photo realistic. This is great news for graphic designers. Yes, fewer hours of making it perfect. There more updates that I discuss in the episode. Microsoft is taking on Slack. Their new program Microsoft Teams is all about teams.  Everyone in the business world does have to work for a team(s). Unless, you host your own podcast. Microsoft saw Slack taking people away from Skype. It was the go-to business communication tool. It’s great that there is more competition.

I do not see people using this unless they are team Microsoft. If you are not using Office, it is not the program for you. If this is a great product, Microsoft will have people not hating them too much. Let’s be honest, they deserved most of the ire.

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I give my Battlefield 1 Impressions. Titanfall 2 may not sell well

Titanfall 2

Today’s Episode

The numbers for Titanfall 2 appear to not be good. The analysts are saying that it will not sell well. Titanfall 2 will sell. They are not denying that they are concerned about why they released so close to Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty. This could impact the next game. I mean, there might not be one. AAA games needs to sell a certain amount of copies sold to make it worth for another game.  However, Battlefield 1 sold more than projected. Everyone is enjoying a WW1 game. Who knew we wanted to play a game about WW1. Even though there is a funny glitch, people seem to enjoy the game.

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Digital Coffee celebrates Linux’s Birthday and talks about diversity


Today’s Episode

Linux is an interesting operating system. It does not follow the other ones, but, it is influential in the tech industry. The OS has loyal followers that push out new patches constantly. It powers many devices we use today and it shows the power of open source. So, Happy Birthday Linux! Now, I do want to take the time to call out Comcast. God, you are an awful company. This latest news just proves how awful you are. I do hope the FCC and FTC investigate your sleazy practices. I’m pro business, but you guys are on another level of awful. I do not think Comcast is trying to be good. They are always bad. Avoid them if you can.

Anyways, on with the show!

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Digital Coffee talks about why it’s important to be secure


Today’s Episode

It’s tough to be secure in the tech world. We hear about big companies being the target of another hack. Even the government cannot stop people from hacking their servers. It’s tough for people to know who to trust. However, there are many great options out there, too! I hope that you backup those important files. They can be locked away by an attacker and then used against you. If you backup your files daily, you’ll have nothing to worry about. It’s the people that do not which is the issue. You may think you’ll never be hacked, but that is a mistake. I hope you take you cyber security seriously.

Anyways, on with the show!

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Digital Coffee, on the hunt to catch tech or Pokemon


Today’s Episode

Who knew people wanted to catch virtual pets? Well, Pokemon Go is a hit and people want to it, more than go on dates. So Tinder, you have met your match, and it has swiped left. There were some privacy concerns with Pokemon. The biggest concern was the Google Accounts vulnerability that is patched. However, a senator wants to look at what data is being collected with this game. A game about finding virtual pets in the real world. I get a feeling they need lots of data to know where you are and to show you where to find the next Pokemon. Just be sure to never share your password. Yes, that is now a federal crime. Password sharing is a big no-no to the government!

Now, let’s catch all the tech news down below.

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The Story of the Terrible Government and Their Incompetence.


Today’s Episode

Again, the government fails. It has made Android weak and compromised the encryption all for law enforcement. It’s just another example of the government failing to recognize its shortcomings. We also have a potential president not being prosecuted for carelessness. I do not care how high up you are, if you mess with national security, then you should be fined. Instead, she is just told how careless she was. We all knew that. We want justice. I, like many others, have lost all faith in the government. I do not think they know how to govern. Maybe we should give them a dummies guide to governing. At least the FTC is doing something useful. They are investigating Ashley Madison. I do think that site should be investigated. Not for what they do, but, for the practice. Pretending to have women on that site is deceptive.

It’s not a good way to do business. You should never trick people to buy your product. Anyways, let’s start the show!

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Microsoft is in the business of social media with LinkedIn


Today’s Episode

Tech buyouts, they happen. Tech companies see they cannot compete with the big guys, or are offered a great package. Either way, the user is forced to with find another app. LinkedIn was acquired yesterday, and it seems like a good/puzzling move. LinkedIn is a social network refusing to die and Microsoft is taking advantage. This is a great acquisition for Microsoft. It will push them into the business sector even more. I do hope they help LinkedIn’s website. That site needs some love. It looks like, but, there are some things that need a change. Twitter has an odd update. They are letting users retweet themselves. I have never been of fan of this. Facebook has allowed users to do this for a while. It’s a terrible idea. Twitter, do use all a favor and stop. the. madness!

In other news, the FCC won their court case! This is great news for net neutrality. The FCC can regulate internet service providers and hopefully, make them upgrade their network. I will not hold my breath on that. However, the lawsuits are not done yet. The internet companies will file an appeal, so, I’ll let you know of any more updates. Anyways, on with the show.

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Talking about why social media companies are not for free speech

social media companies

Today’s Episode

Social media companies have a problem. They were once the champion of free speech and no they only give it lip service. I am fine if they do not adhere to the strict code of free speech, but, claiming you are for it and then not backing it up is wrong. The problem with social media is that no one forgets what you said. Even the companies that run it are tied to this. These tech companies need to stop saying they are for free speech and then police it somewhere else. The bad side of free speech is people are allowed to say things others do not like. The alternative is to police what we say, but, that will not make the unsavory nature of human nature go away. People will be less aware of it, until, something bad happens. This is, for the most part, how ISIS got started. Another odd thing in tech is Atari getting into the Internet of Things industry. It’s an odd move for them, but, they are not the once renowned game developer anymore. They have been looking for a way to stay relevant. This may be their way in, but, it’s still an odd move. Scroll down to hear my show. Continue reading “Talking about why social media companies are not for free speech”