Verizon goes back to unlimited, Facebook and autoplay and PewDiePie against the media


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Like him or hate him, PewDiePie is a huge influence on YouTube. It’s funny how the media loves to hate him. They do not understand that he is trolling them and does not care. He has over 50 million subscribers on YouTube. Unless he does something so egregious, you are getting mad over nothing. Find out what I have to say about this in my show.

Also, Verizon brings unlimited data back. This is in response to what T-Mobile doing well. They finally have a response to losing customers to its competitor. I do not think it will be the same as before, but, it is a nice change. People loved unlimited data and that will always be a fact.

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This is the new normal. They build it up and put ads on it.


Today’s Episode

Social media and ads are part of the game. Facebook and LinkedIn are open the floodgates on their messaging services. If you are tired of ads, well, you have to accept them more. Good or bad this is the new normal. We at the point of social media where they are established and looking for more revenue. It part of the business and we are just along for the ride. Plus, the election happened. People are leaving for one person. The past 8 years people were fine and now, they freaking out. Without knowing if he will be a good or bad president, many people have made up their mind. Rational thought is premium. I do not understand why? Just remember to breath. Just breath.

Anyways, on with the show.

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The Reason Why You Should Have A Diverse Social Media Plan

Social Media Plan

Today’s Episode

Social media plans are important for any business, brand, or personality.  It’s good to have a goal or plan for your business. Social media companies are fickle and they change all the time. It’s a good strategy to be on more than one social network. However, not being on every social network. The biggest reason for this is any of these sites can shut down. They can  pivot and do something different. There is no guarantee that the platform will not change or be there for a long time. It is unknowable. However, the site you can control is your own website. This is your best asset and something you need. Your website is the place you call home. Treat your home well.

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Twitter not in good shape and why you need to look at that data


Today’s Episode

Data is air for marketers. It is what we need to run a business. Without knowing what is going on, we are lost. Guessing cannot be a major part of marketing. Even the smartest people can be wrong. Data and analytics are the tools every marketing department needs. However, some marketers do not use it correctly. They see what is doing ok and keep doing the same thing. That’s now what is going to make a company successful. A friendly reminder! Always use data to your best advantage!

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Digital Coffee talks about why it’s important to be secure


Today’s Episode

It’s tough to be secure in the tech world. We hear about big companies being the target of another hack. Even the government cannot stop people from hacking their servers. It’s tough for people to know who to trust. However, there are many great options out there, too! I hope that you backup those important files. They can be locked away by an attacker and then used against you. If you backup your files daily, you’ll have nothing to worry about. It’s the people that do not which is the issue. You may think you’ll never be hacked, but that is a mistake. I hope you take you cyber security seriously.

Anyways, on with the show!

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It’s a fact, native ads suck and Facebook loves ads


Today’s Episode

I’ve said it before, marketers and advertisers do not make great ads. They are usually ok, but, mostly bad. The new reports show that publishers and marketers care about the impressions than trust. If we do not find a way to make them better, there go the profits. However, Facebook is doing well in that aspect. They also love to stuff anything with ads. They are ad happy. That’s a problem. It’s why people use ad-blockers. The problem is, it’s only going to get worse. We need to find a better way. I hope we can strike a balance between revenue and trust. Trust is hard to get back.

Marketers know that trust is everything. Let’s continue to build that trust between our company and customers. Anyways, on with the show!

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Microsoft is in the business of social media with LinkedIn


Today’s Episode

Tech buyouts, they happen. Tech companies see they cannot compete with the big guys, or are offered a great package. Either way, the user is forced to with find another app. LinkedIn was acquired yesterday, and it seems like a good/puzzling move. LinkedIn is a social network refusing to die and Microsoft is taking advantage. This is a great acquisition for Microsoft. It will push them into the business sector even more. I do hope they help LinkedIn’s website. That site needs some love. It looks like, but, there are some things that need a change. Twitter has an odd update. They are letting users retweet themselves. I have never been of fan of this. Facebook has allowed users to do this for a while. It’s a terrible idea. Twitter, do use all a favor and stop. the. madness!

In other news, the FCC won their court case! This is great news for net neutrality. The FCC can regulate internet service providers and hopefully, make them upgrade their network. I will not hold my breath on that. However, the lawsuits are not done yet. The internet companies will file an appeal, so, I’ll let you know of any more updates. Anyways, on with the show.

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Google i/o starts today and a new Facebook study

free tools

Today’s Episode

Google io is here! The best part of it was the announcement of Firebase 2.0. It is shaping up to be a great tool. There are a few great tidbits. One, there is an analytics tool optimized for mobile. Two, it can be used for iOS and Android and it’s free! The demo’s today show how powerful it can be. Dynamic links will help developers get people to download their apps with fewer clicks. They can also track who’s clicking on them too. Messaging users are simple as well. Firebase allows developers to target their customers and hopefully convert mover with some timely messages. Firebase should help developers and marketers find better ways of getting those eyeballs. Let’s see if Android developers respond. On another note, I do like the change Pinterest has made to measuring the reach of pins. Instead of only counting what has been liked, repinned or saved from the source. It also counts other’s that have done the same through other accounts. Things are looking interesting in 2016. Now, on with the show!

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Instagram goes black and white and more marketing news


Today’s Episode

Chatbots, they are going to take over social media. They are the new customer service automation. Instead of calling a machine, the customer, is going to chat with a machine. It’s the natural evolution of automation. Where be canned response should be organic language. They are not yet, but, they will get there eventually. Businesses are scrambling to make the next great hit on social media. Customers and users should except to see more of these. Some will be great, others, not so much. Facebook and Instagram now hearts ads. They have announced plans to use more retargeting ads. This may seem like a win for marketers, but, more people are turning towards adblockers. It is no surprise people are doing this either. We are bombarded by ads. It gets to be too much and people are turning to programs to turn them off. Most ads are not good. Most are annoying and most people would rather skip them. However, this is how a business survives. The problem is, advertising has not changed very much. As technology has advanced, the way we advertise has remained the same. Snapchat is the only social network I know of that is doing something different. Now it’s to see what other topics I will discuss today.

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Algorithmic feeds are here! Do you like it?

On Today’s Show:

Today on Marketing Blend I talk about the algorithmic feeds. Yes, they are taking the social media world by storm. It’s as big, loud, thunderous feed, full of things you may “like.” The free gravy organic reach train is coming to an end. Facebook started the trend and now Twitter and Instagram have followed. They claim it’s for the user, but, the purpose it for more money from ad revenue. Facebook is profitable because of this tactic and Instagram has followed. It has not gone smoothly, though. There are people unhappy with this move. The great thing about social media was discovery. People went to these sites/apps to find interesting content. Now these companies are taking that away. This is in favor for making more money. This does put pressure on small businesses. These spaces are going towards the big brands that can afford big budgets. This means that small businesses need to be sure they are creating quality content that people want to share. It is also a great way to try some creative/risky strategies. 2016 is turning out to be an interesting year.

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