Microsoft is in the business of social media with LinkedIn


Today’s Episode

Tech buyouts, they happen. Tech companies see they cannot compete with the big guys, or are offered a great package. Either way, the user is forced to with find another app. LinkedIn was acquired yesterday, and it seems like a good/puzzling move. LinkedIn is a social network refusing to die and Microsoft is taking advantage. This is a great acquisition for Microsoft. It will push them into the business sector even more. I do hope they help LinkedIn’s website. That site needs some love. It looks like, but, there are some things that need a change. Twitter has an odd update. They are letting users retweet themselves. I have never been of fan of this. Facebook has allowed users to do this for a while. It’s a terrible idea. Twitter, do use all a favor and stop. the. madness!

In other news, the FCC won their court case! This is great news for net neutrality. The FCC can regulate internet service providers and hopefully, make them upgrade their network. I will not hold my breath on that. However, the lawsuits are not done yet. The internet companies will file an appeal, so, I’ll let you know of any more updates. Anyways, on with the show.

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LinkedIn tries to be cool, podcasts have landed on Google Play Music


Today’s Episode

It’s already been an interesting week in tech. We have LinkedIn‘s new app, EFF going after the government, EU fighting with Google and its only Tuesday! I think it’s great to see LinkedIn courting young adults. They really need to figure out a way to convert them over. I know when I was in college, LinkedIn was not a priority. Facebook (because it was still cool) was the priority. Evert college student was on it. Today there are even more choices than I had. I do think LinkedIn can find other ways of courting the younger generation, but this is a good first step. I really hope they push into video and live streaming. I believe they need to find a way to do this if they still want to be relevant. I have said it before, buying Blab is not a bad route to take. Blab has a nice community and it’s geared towards being more professional than the rest. Find out what other tech news I talk about below!

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Digital Coffee has chicken scratch to translate – Episode 66

Digital Coffee has chicken scratch to translate. Yes, I am writing it all down and will get back to you. Chicken Scratch is bad, but, the app Peeple is even worse. The app is all about reviewing people. It has been called, “The Yelp for people.” There was a lot of concerns with what this app is trying to accomplish. It launched and the app is troubling, to say the least. There’s a paid version that allows people to see someone’s negative reviews. The app company will not remove any content that was put on there. I have a huge problem with that policy. The biggest problem is if people use fake Facebook accounts, they can easily say things that are not true. This could be a form of bullying or blackmail. The company does not seem to care about their end-user. We will see what happens with this app. Good thing there’s more tech news to talk about!

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Digital Coffee and the search for the best live stream angle – Episode 63

Digital Coffee and the search for the best live stream angle. Facebook has just added the live streaming feature for Android users, so now, we can finally live stream on Facebook. Has a dream come true? There are plenty of alternatives out there, this is just Facebook ruling the internet. I love and prefer Blab over all other offerings, but they all offer something different in a way. I also talk about the never ending wars of words about encryption. It is a hot topic. It’s sad to see that most Americans do not understand what is at stake. We need strong encryption. Yes, that could mean it could be harder to catch a terrorist, but our government has been terrible at it anyways. There’s more I talk about. Scroll down to find out more!

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Digital Coffee is now in session with its own Congress. Episode 62

Digital Coffee is now in session with its own Congress. Yes, we are in session to get no work done. We? I mean I am the only one in this Congress. I should get a lot done! Anyways, the Mobile World Congress is going on this week and that means all the big mobile companies are showing off their best new tech and devices. So far, it has been a great Congress. They go a lot done! Anyways, onto the rest of the tech news! If you like my podcast, please consider supporting me on Patreon!

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Digital Coffee password is 12345 – Episode 61

Digital Coffee password is 12345. Yes, now I have to change my luggage combination. It was such an easy password to remember. Yes, I talk about the debate between Apple and the big bad government. This is a fight that is really the FBI’s fault. They are the ones that made is harder to crack the information they need. However, it’s easier to make Apple the villain. Besides the FBI really does not care about protecting your privacy or rights. They only want to spy on us. I will and forever be against the government spying on me. I do not care if I have “nothing to hide” argument. They should have probable cause to do that, as the constitution states. Ugh… Anyways, there’s more tech news!

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Digital Coffee wants you to safely trust me. – Episode 60

Digital Coffee wants you to safely trust me. Technology is always changing and not for the best. Luckily, most of the tech news today are great. That is a good thing in my book. Instagram is making your accounts more secure, but that does mean you need to a little work. The two-factor authentication is a great way of saving yourself from a hack. It is a great step for Instagram. However, you are going to have to do some legwork. You are going to have to go in the settings and then add your number and then wait for your phone to get the code. Anyways, other news stories that you need to know:

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Digital Coffee goes Acquisition hunting! – Episode 59

Happy Weekend Digital Brewers! Digital Coffee goes Acquisition hunting! Yes, there has been quite a few acquisition of late. We had Microsoft buying Swiftkey and Asics just bought Runkeeper. We also had Time Inc. buy Myspace and Youtube bought BandPage. This is an interesting time in the tech space. This could be great for those companies or they could be folded in and lost forever! Yes, that was dramatic, but still a very interesting time indeed. Here are a few other news headlines I talk about:

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