Facebook still going strong, GMB updates, Instagram’s new feature and Snapchat gets interesting


Controversies are always going to happen. The problem is, most advertisers/marketers do not care if it doesn’t affect the bottom line. They say how terrible it is just to get leverage on a company.

Topics Discussed:

  • Facebook Showdown Custom Audience in Ads
  • Advertisers are not going to leave Facebook
  • Why this is an ethical problem
  • Google My Business Now Has Offers
  • GMB has a business description
  • Adwords Releases New Keyword Planner Tool
  • Instagram Opens up Shopping Tags for more businesses
  • Interesting Research on Instagram hashtags and more
  • SnapChat adds more features to Snap Map

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I dig into Vault 7, hate on Instagram and vulnerabilities in tech

Vault 7

Today’s Episode

Vault 7, it sounds like a new vault from Fallout, but, it’s not. The bombshell dropped on Tuesday about what the government is up to. It’s usually no good. It was discovered that the CIA is spying on everyone. They can do some terrible acts too. Time to talk about this and understand that tech has vulnerabilities. All new tech has mistakes. These are usually exploits of vulnerabilities. However, the government should be willing to help companies combat these things. I will talk about why the government is wrong in doing this and more. Enjoy!

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Facebook mid-roll ads, Instagram adds more pictures, Hootsuite buying


Today’s Episode

Hootsuite is a popular social media scheduling tool. It recently got into ads with its purchase of AdEspresso recently and now its buying another company. It’s an interesting time for the company. It also looks like Hootsuite and Buffer are going in different direction. Buffer is shaping to be more of a content management tool and Hootsuite is more about the ads and analytics side of the business. The industry is maturing and we will see more and more companies buying other ones. This is the nature of business.

Find out more down below.

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Facebook combats fake news, Twitter dashboard gone and photos with fingers

Twitter dashboard

Today’s Episode

Twitter is on a roll. Not a good one, though. They announced Twitter dashboard will shut down. Yes, the dashboard app seemed interesting. Allowing brands and businesses to monitor, tweet and schedule all in one app. 2017 is not starting off on the right foot for Twitter. It was a business decision, but, maybe Twitter should focus on Twitter. No more other apps, just Twitter. Let’s hope Twitter finds its way.

However, Facebook is finding a way to repair its relationship with publishers and reports. They have launched a new project dedicated to journalism. This gives them tools and a better way to live stream. It should be interesting to see if this pays off.

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Live-Streaming is big and how to handle a bad boss

Live Streaming

Today’s Episode

Live Streaming is showing great potential for businesses. It’s also scaring the TV news media. The Presidential Debates showed an increased interest watching these debates live and online.  The rise of live streaming was quick. In a few years, we saw several companies pushing into this new form of media. We will soon see the leaders. Marketers, it’s important to find out which platform is the best fit for your brand and company. There’s also new data on location-based data. This has some interesting insight into where you should advertise. What companies you should partner with and more! It shows off how important this will be in the near future.  Also, Facebook has released new CTA buttons. This is just in time for the holidays. It’s time to experiment with these buttons. Find out which ones works best for your business. I’ll be testing out, “Shop Now.” I am selling some great products on my store. Find out more below.

Also, Scroll down to find out more!

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Tweets are longer except in Ads and Pinterest makes promoted pins easier


Today’s Episode

Ads, they are a valuable tool This is what will drive sales for businesses. Social networks have their ad programs. They are mostly good if you have a great marketer doing some great ads. We are at an interesting time. The better campaign you have, the more likes, the revenue you could get. The problem is the blockers people are using. Each year people install these programs. Marketers and advertisers are not doing their jobs. We can do better. However, Google launched Allo. This messaging app is interesting. The question is, will it capture a chunk of the market?

Next, I look at the tools that support Twitter “longer tweets.” This has finally been released. Many people are happy. Learn more below!

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Twitter get longer tweets and tips on writing a crisis plan!


Today’s Episode

Nobody ever wants to be in a crisis, but, many businesses find themselves in one. The honest truth, your company is going to be in one. That’s unfortunate, but, there are ways to be prepared. The best way is to have a crisis plan. This will give you the best way to deal with a crisis. A well thought out and researched crisis plan can be the best gift any marketers or PR practitioner can do. On this episode, I go through the basic of a crisis plan. I also talk about how to do a rebranding right. There are many companies that do this. Some do it well, others, need work. Do not be the latter. It’s important to do a rebranding your customers can get on board with.

Anyways, scroll down to listen to the show!

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Digital Coffee shares a story about Instagram and Snapchat


Today’s Episode

Gather around techies! Let me tell you a story about Instagram. They made a Snapchat clone. The very least copied a feature. It’s called Instagram Stories. Yes, now Instagram has a 24-hour destructible picture. This story does not end. Not to be outdone, Snapchat released geostitchers. The battle is heating up! LinkedIn finally added a video feature. This is not big news because every other social network had a feature. It’s great to see LinkedIn finally jumping into it. I feel like LinkedIn is behind with lots of features. The website is a mess and needs a refresh. They have a piecemeal website. Some of the pages are modern and others are not.

Anyways, on with the show!

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Instagram changed it’s relationship status and it means business


Today’s Episode

Today’s Instagram is finally getting their business together… er releasing business pages for its platform. Instagram business was unveiled yesterday and most brands are going to love it. It’s a long time coming and should help brands understand how their content is doing. The only problem is this signals the end of organic reach for Instagram. We are going to see a shift to Facebook telling you what you want to see. This is mostly because they want businesses to pay. It has worked very well for Facebook, so why not do the same to Instagram. The problem they could run into is the community. Most people went to Instagram because what Facebook was doing. Now, they will have to deal with it, or move on. We are also in an interesting time for businesses doing business on the internet. Facebook wants websites to be dead. They want everything to be through Facebook. The problem is businesses have no say on the changes to Facebook. They have to deal with it. Business websites are going nowhere and Facebook needs to get that.

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Instagram goes black and white and more marketing news


Today’s Episode

Chatbots, they are going to take over social media. They are the new customer service automation. Instead of calling a machine, the customer, is going to chat with a machine. It’s the natural evolution of automation. Where be canned response should be organic language. They are not yet, but, they will get there eventually. Businesses are scrambling to make the next great hit on social media. Customers and users should except to see more of these. Some will be great, others, not so much. Facebook and Instagram now hearts ads. They have announced plans to use more retargeting ads. This may seem like a win for marketers, but, more people are turning towards adblockers. It is no surprise people are doing this either. We are bombarded by ads. It gets to be too much and people are turning to programs to turn them off. Most ads are not good. Most are annoying and most people would rather skip them. However, this is how a business survives. The problem is, advertising has not changed very much. As technology has advanced, the way we advertise has remained the same. Snapchat is the only social network I know of that is doing something different. Now it’s to see what other topics I will discuss today.

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