Digital Coffee: History of Computer Keyboards

It’s Thursday and that means a new episode of Digital Coffee history series. Today we go through the history of the computer keyboard. Yes, we use these things so much, we must know where their origin came from. Join me as I find who created it and why. Or just who really created it, the why is evident.

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Digital Coffee: History of Metal Gear Series

Let’s throw it back, Thursday! Today we are talking about the history of the Metal Gear Series! It has a long and successful run in the video game industry. It’s time to crawl on your stomach, and get your cardboard box ready because we are going stealth… and learning about the history.

Digital Coffee: History of Konami

It’s time for a new history of series! Today we are going through the history of Konami. We all know them for outstanding games like Contra, Metal Gear, Frogger and many more, but they are also into many other industries as well. Listen to find out more!

What is your favorite Konami game?