Snapchat Redesign woos, Russian mania and Peter Thiel Says Goodbye to Silicon Valley

Peter Thiel

Redesigns of social media rarely are met with customers happy. Most people hate it, and others do not care. Snapchat has an uphill battle, but, most people will deal with it.

What I Talk About:

  • Snapchat Redesign
  • Why People Hate it
  • Why It’s Not a Big Deal
  • Tech’s Media Obsession with Russia Hacking
  • Why They Need To Stop Talking About It
  • What They Should Talk About Instead
  • Peter Thiel Leaves Silicon Valley
  • Why It Matters

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Twitter hates ideas and BLU is spying on you

Twitter hates ideas

Today’s Episode

Twitter hates ideas. This is a problem to me. I think the best of Twitter was they allowed people to express their ideas. It didn’t matter if you were right, left, center, or didn’t care. The problem is Twitter wants groupthink. It thinks that one political ideology is right. I think that if a business uses a free speech in their policies, they do thrive. However, private businesses do not have to follow a free speech model. Twitter needs to follow its own policy and only ban those that do terrible things. Disagreeing is not one.

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Digital Coffee has a new redesign, no wait, that’s Twitter


Today’s Episode

New things are coming. In the age of technology we all want shiny new things. Twitter redesigned its Android app and it is great. Twitter finally realized it was better to use the strengths of Android. I do like the new design. Switching accounts is a lot easier. It’s better in general. Even though Twitter is not as popular as it once was, it is still a better platform. The problem is, it still has not reached it’s full potential. Snapchat came out with a new Discovery Tab and it looks interesting. It gives more information on what people may be clicking on. It also allows users to follow the publishers. Them there’s Swarm. Swarm is interesting. It was once Foursquare, but Foursquare didn’t want Swarm, so, they split it up. That didn’t go over well and we have slowly seen Swarm become the old Foursquare again. I’m not sure if the strategy to split up Foursquare was a good one. It’s proving to be a mistake. Anyways, on with the show!

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Instagram changed it’s relationship status and it means business


Today’s Episode

Today’s Instagram is finally getting their business together… er releasing business pages for its platform. Instagram business was unveiled yesterday and most brands are going to love it. It’s a long time coming and should help brands understand how their content is doing. The only problem is this signals the end of organic reach for Instagram. We are going to see a shift to Facebook telling you what you want to see. This is mostly because they want businesses to pay. It has worked very well for Facebook, so why not do the same to Instagram. The problem they could run into is the community. Most people went to Instagram because what Facebook was doing. Now, they will have to deal with it, or move on. We are also in an interesting time for businesses doing business on the internet. Facebook wants websites to be dead. They want everything to be through Facebook. The problem is businesses have no say on the changes to Facebook. They have to deal with it. Business websites are going nowhere and Facebook needs to get that.

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