It’s time for the Best of 2016 Gaming List!

2016 Gaming List

Today’s Episode

Oh, 2016. You had some memorable games this year. This episode I talk about my best of 2016 gaming list. I have my list and I did check it twice. This was the best game to come out of 2016. It was a good year for strategy and first-person shooters. I will miss 2016 because we got some great titles and the rise of VR. 2017 should tell us if VR is here to stay or a bust. Here’s to more exciting games in 2017. I think 2017 is the year of the RPG.

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I smash the Titanfall 2 review and Pharah could fly forever?


Today’s Episode

The review happened. I finally played enough of Titanfall 2 to give my review. It was an interesting game. I liked it but, you have to listen to the show to find out the rest. The interesting part I found this week was Pharah being able to fly throughout the match. They are testing it out on PTR. That could impact the game in good and bad ways. Luckily there are other heroes that could handle this. I’m fine with Blizzard testing things out in the PTR.  Lastly, that Red Alert 2 VR game looks awesome!

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BlizzCon, Overwatch new character and Battlefield 1 Review

Battlefield 1 Review

Today’s Episode

Yes, I finally played enough of Battlefield 1. In this episode, I give my Battlefield 1 review. If you want a first-person shooter that is not set in the modern or future setting this could be a game for you. Yes, I’m still playing this and Titanfall 2 and Civilization 6. I will have those reviews later. Also, BlizzCon has begun. Yes, this year we have a new character for Overwatch. This could be a great addition or break the game. I know Blizzard does a pretty good job of balance, but, I know infiltrator classes can break games. I’ve seen it happen. We will see if this is a good addition or a game breaking addition. Either way, it’s going to be interesting.

Plus, Polygon is crap. I really want to put that on. Scroll down to find out why!

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Overwatch Spooky Loot, New Character Leak and Battlefield 1 Early Access

Battlefield 1 Early Access

Today’s Episode

Battlefield 1 Early Access. I really do not like EA is doing, but, who’s surprised about this. I am excited for Battlefield 1. It looks like the best one of the series. It’s an interesting time because we are seeing the Halloween loot from popular games.  Blizzard has a leak on their new character. Sombra seems like an interesting character. We’ve got a picture, but, I’m interested to see what her abilities are going to be. We are beginning the holiday season of gaming. This is going to be interesting!

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Doom 2 Mod Unloved Gets Some Love and Overwatch new hero

Doom 2 Mod

Today’s Episode

Sometimes mods get a second life. That’s the with the Doom 2 mod Unloved. It is on a new engine and on Steam. It looks like a fun time. So give Unloved some love! Yes, I wanted to do that. Rocket League gets and update. Overwatch is getting a new hero, when? Only Blizzard knows!

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Hail To The King, Baby. Duke is Back!


Today’s Episode

Duke Nukem is back. I mean, the glory days of Duke Nukem 3D. Those were the days. FPS were new and exciting. There were many developers trying new things. It was a great time in gaming. Most FPS have a formula now. You do not have to look further than Call of Duty. That franchise has a systematic formula. It’s good to see an old friend back. Hail to the King, Baby!

Now, time for the show!

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Gamer’s Cafe Boldly Goes into the RiffRaff of Gaming News

Gaming News

Today’s Episode

Oh, the gaming news! Today is an interesting day. There’s always something dumb going on. This Riot drama is weird. A company that sells cheats doxes someone. It has a weird vibe. It’s a weird news item this week. The great and terrible thing is No Man’s Sky is released on PC. It’s one of the best or most played games this year. However, there have been some problems. People are complaining about bugs and glitches. This is not a shocker, but still frustrating.

Anyways, time for you to listen to the show!

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Nostalgic with Nintendo Mini! Overwatch new character and rules


Today’s Episode

Nintendo is doing things right. First, it’s popular Pokemon Go and now, Nintendo Mini. Yes, I want to play some classic games. This is great news. Even though we have to wait until November, this Christmas season is going to be awesome! Overwatch announced several changes. Two seems to be pretty good moves. Zenyatta needed a buff. He was easy to kill and this will help make him effective. D. VA is getting a buff too. This should help make her more of a tank. Before, it was easy to deal with her. The best news comes from the competitive scene. Blizzard is not letting teams pick all of a certain character. Only in competitive mode. So quick play those 76s, all day!

Anyways, on with the show!

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Gamer’s Cafe talks No Man’s Sky, Evolve and TF2 more like debated!


Today’s Episode

Evolve is an interesting game. It was an interesting concept that was bogged down by numerous DLCs. That lead to gamers no liking the game. It was a mess. Now, the developer has decided to go free-to-play. Hoping this will bring more gamers back. It could and many games have been successful at that, but, we shall see if it works out for Evolve.

The best part of gaming is No Man’s Sky has finally gone gold. What that means, is the game is ready to be sold. So, we can now boldly go and explore a digital space. Woohoo!

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Today is all about the good and bad of E3 2016

E3 2016

Today’s Episode

E3 is always a hype train running on extreme hype. E3 2016 is no exception. There were many memorable moments, as well as, forgettable ones. Publishers and developers spend countless hours creating the best demos and trailers for gamers to consume. Some are great, others, need some work. Publishers spend large sums of money to make their shows extravagant, or overdone is a better word. The shows become their own concerts and, at times, lose their focus. When E3 should be about the games, Publishers find new gimmicks to throw at gamers. The good things are, even with all the bright lights and marketing speak, some gems stand out above the crowd. It’s still a great time to be gaming. This is shaping up to be the best year in gaming. We are seeing more diversity in the genres, especially first person shooters. New techniques and new technology coming out.

Now, time to listen in on Gamer’s Cafe.

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