My thoughts on the future of Facebook and Twitter


Today’s Episode

Social media these days, its always seems like we are being duped as businesses. Even the future of social media can be murky at times. Facebook is the worst offender. Facebook was great for businesses in the beginning, but, since they are so big do not care. Make no mistake, they are there to make money. The best way is to limit the exposure of a business, then implement an advertising scheme. Facebook has once again proved that every business needs to diversify. Never put all your resources into these companies because their strategy and business plan will change.

Anyways, on with the show!

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Digital Coffee has chicken scratch to translate – Episode 66

Digital Coffee has chicken scratch to translate. Yes, I am writing it all down and will get back to you. Chicken Scratch is bad, but, the app Peeple is even worse. The app is all about reviewing people. It has been called, “The Yelp for people.” There was a lot of concerns with what this app is trying to accomplish. It launched and the app is troubling, to say the least. There’s a paid version that allows people to see someone’s negative reviews. The app company will not remove any content that was put on there. I have a huge problem with that policy. The biggest problem is if people use fake Facebook accounts, they can easily say things that are not true. This could be a form of bullying or blackmail. The company does not seem to care about their end-user. We will see what happens with this app. Good thing there’s more tech news to talk about!

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