What is Facebook? Talking about Facebook’s Conference – Episode 72

Facebook's Conference

Today’s Episode

Today we get to hear all about how Facebook is going to take over the world! Or, the internet is probably where this is going. Facebook’s Conference or the F8 conference is back, and it has nothing to do with Facebook. What? Yes, Facebook talked about VR/AR, Messenger, photo tools, a “save” button, but, there was not mention of cool features for Facebook. Facebook has slightly abandoned its first love… being a place for friends. Messenger is now the Facebook of 2004. It’s the cool thing to do. Oh, we all get bots. Yes, bots are the new thing in social media. Instead of talking to a real person, we will enjoy talking to a robot. There’s a bright future in anti-social, social media. Facebook, you were once a great social network, now, I think you’re just a digital wasteland or a hub. Time will only tell which one is true.

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