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On Today’s Episode

There’s a lot of new updates floating around today. Snapchat has unveiled it’s newest version of chat. This makes it easier for people to chat with each other and adds more engagement too. Snapchat is becoming the go-to for many young users and brands. Then there’s Instagram; they have their users in an uproar. The announcement of a change in their feed has made many users beg their followers to turn on push notifications. We have to understand that Instagram is a business. They are in it to make money. We may not like the idea of a Facebook newsfeed on Instagram, but, they have to pay the bills. The Facebook model is the most successful, so, that’s what they are going to do. Instagram announced a new update to their videos but that still did not quell the anger the users have for the newsfeed. Now users can shoot up to 60 seconds of video. That is quite a jump from 15 seconds. Instagram is trying to jumpstart their videos. They have had little success and photos are the most popular, but they are trying. Anyways, onto the tech news!

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Digital Coffee password is 12345 – Episode 61

Digital Coffee password is 12345. Yes, now I have to change my luggage combination. It was such an easy password to remember. Yes, I talk about the debate between Apple and the big bad government. This is a fight that is really the FBI’s fault. They are the ones that made is harder to crack the information they need. However, it’s easier to make Apple the villain. Besides the FBI really does not care about protecting your privacy or rights. They only want to spy on us. I will and forever be against the government spying on me. I do not care if I have “nothing to hide” argument. They should have probable cause to do that, as the constitution┬ástates. Ugh… Anyways, there’s more tech news!

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Digital Coffee brings the news to you in one coffee pot – Episode 56

Digital Coffee brings the news to you in one coffee pot. Yes, we made it to the weekend, but, unfortunately, dumb politicians think weak encryption is a good thing. Show your support of bad laws by tweeting Jim Cooper. Strong encryption is needed, not weaker encryption. Anyways there are many more tech stories. This is what I discuss today.

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