It’s International Podcast Day. Plus, Ubisoft cares about quality?

International Podcast Day

Today’s Episode

It’s International Podcast Day! One of the best holidays of the year! Ok, it’s not really a holiday, but I love it. Show love to those podcasters you know. I also talk about the latest in gaming news. It’s funny that Ubisoft cares about quality. That’s a big surprise. Lately, they have released games that have problems. It’s not No Man’s Sky worthy, but, they’ve had problems. I’m glad they are holding their games back. It’s better to make quality games, then push them out.

Anyways, on with the show!

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Mirror Edge Catalyst

Even having faith in Faith pays off. Faith is back in Mirror Edge Catalyst. Get ready to jump, slide, kick, and punch through this open world.

Battlefront Explodes into Your Consciousness

We’re all skeptic about DICE making Star Wars, but the trailer does look good. It shows off many interesting abilities and it stays true to the Star Wars experience. Jetpacks, AT-AT, AT-ST’s and many vehicles made an appearance in the trailer. It also looks like an orbital bombardment will be at your disposable. However, nothing can be confirmed, it does look exciting.