E3 opens up to the public, Activision lays off some staff, Mass Effect dialogue

Activision lays off

Today’s Episode

Activision lays off some staff from its developers. This is because of Call of Duty and missing Q4 projections. It’s sad and unfortunate to hear people losing their jobs. However, Call of Duty is in a rut. It has had some upgrades to the game, but, releasing games every year makes it boring. We shall see if Call of Duty in 2017 will be different and better. I do hope it does. Even though I do not prefer playing the game, I still like seeing competition from these developers.

I’ve been playing For Honor open beta a little. It’s interesting. This could be a surprise hit for Ubisoft if they can keep it competitive and have an equal distribution between the factions. That was the problem with Planetside 2. In the beginning, one faction dominated. We shall see.

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Reviewed: Hitman and Witcher 3 Blood and Wine, plus E3 predictions


Today’s Episode

E3 is right around the corner and that means games are going to announce for the first time to the public. This is usually the preemptive strike for holiday games. We all know that Call of Duty is going to be released in November, that is always a given. However, there are plenty of games we do not know about yet. This is an exciting E3 because Bethesda is doing another show. They did say last year that it would be on a year-to-year basis, but they seem to have enough games to make another show. I’m interested in seeing what they are cooking up. They usually make great games. The next thing I want to see is what Ubisoft is going to do with The Division, Ghost Recon, Watch_Dogs and Rainbow Six. Some were better received than others and I would like to The Division be a better game. I’m hoping CD Projekt has some announcements for everyone too. Other than that, August cannot come soon enough! Now the show begins!

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Gamer’s Cafe hates bad storytelling and demands better!

Warning: Rant Incoming!

Gamer’s Cafe hates bad storytelling and demands better! When making a game, storytelling is important. I feel most games do not try or do not give enough time to develop a great story. Gaming is not the only industry with this problem, movies have a tendency to follow a checklist too. This is good at times, but for truly amazing storytelling, this is not the best way. Checklists can help drive storytelling, but, it lacks that creative element. Game developers should try to find a balance in this process. I’m not saying have no deadlines, but give enough time for developing a story. Stories are great in an abstract form, but sometimes developers lose something in the process. This is of time constraints or budget. I think it’s time to look at the story again because your game suffers from terrible a story.

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Gamer’s Cafe looks to the sky for no man – Episode 10

Gamer’s Cafe looks to the sky for no man. Yes, No Man‘s Sky is now available for pre-order. It a great time to explore space sim games. Games like Eve Online, Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen all out or coming out, this is a great time for the space sim genre. I’m excited to see this long-dominant genre making a return. It was odd that it vanished, but first person shooters really took the most developed game of the decade award. It’s a shame because there were many great space sim games that were never seen again. I’m talking to you Freespace and Star Wars. Anyways there more to talk about than that!

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Fallout Welcomes us Back.

It’s good to see a familiar face. Fallout is back, and it looks better than ever! Besides the obvious graphical improvements over the last game, and it is substantial, this one also give more fun features!

Choose Your Character:

Yes, you can change your character how you like, and be a female too. The video shows how easy it is, and it’s done in the game. No more going to another menu to modify your character. This time it is done in real-time. Check it out:

Modify Weapons:

Yes, you can now change any, or most weapons in the game. No more getting the same Laser gun, now you can change it to a musket if you really want. The options seem numerous. Laser chaingun anyone? Or nuke machine gun! Oh, my!

Shape the World:

This is another awesome feature. You can now dismantle materials in the world and build your own house the way you see fit. Besetheda will also let you build downs and create trade routes. Your like long dream of being the mayor of Nuketown can finally be realized.

That is all that they showed, but it was a lot. I would give Fallout a perfect blend. I want to drink more of it, I may get my overdose of digital caffeine from this.

Fallout Trailer:

Dishonored is back!

Dishonored is back, and it is taking place at a different location. Set back into the shoes of the great Corvo as he slices his way (or not) through levels of deception and a city full of despair. Emily is a playable character as well. She is getting some interesting abilities as well. The Outsider has bestowed her with powers to retake her kingdom or at least burn down what the usurper has stolen.

This is going to be an interesting ride, and robots seem to be upgraded from the original game. This does take place  15 years after the original game. Emily is all grown up, and mad as hell. Get ready to blink, and do more crawling in air ducts this will be a fun ride!

Are you excited?

Doom Goes Back to its Roots

Yes, Doom was officially announced and shown off on Sunday. You could hear cheers for the return of the shooter that made FPS popular, and it goes back to what made it great. This is a fast-paced shooter. From the trailer and demo there looks to be very little or no story at all, and that is fine. Today’s shooter have gotten too much story, and it has effectively cut down on the gameplay. Depending on your level of experience, you can finish Call of Duty single-player in one sitting.

I am really excited to see this coming, and I hope to be playing it for many hours.

It’s great to see the BFG back in action. What do you think?