Just Cause 3 Set will be Released This Year

Just Cause is a game worth exploring. Just Cause is a game worth destroying. Just Cause is a game that will encourage you to come back for more. The third game gives players more ways to destroy their world. There are now multiple grapples to destroy more cars at once. You can now make a battering ram. There is also a wing suit. This game is just all about the destruction. The developers want you to find new ways to destroy things, and, we as gamers should do so. You can find out December 1st. How will you leave your mark?

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Set to Release in 2016

At the Square Enix Press Conference, we were given a taste of what the next Deus Ex has to offer. It offered more conspiracy theories and more tools at Adam Jensens disposable. Safe to say, this will be a fun ride. From the trailer you can see there is a new shield like augment, and you can shoot his blades at targets. We will not know what other goodies are in store, but the dystopian future is looking bright indeed.

Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference

Nintendo has always had a special place in my heart. It was mostly my first introduction into gaming. Playing Super Mario was fun, challenging, and you always wanted to keep playing. Zelda was a way to be a hero, but today’s press conference was just lackluster. I was a big mistake not showing off NX. Most of their games were only on the 3DS, and it seems that handheld consoles will soon be obsolete, but Nintendo’s handheld devices are still selling well. There was no mention of Zelda, and there were only a few games I thought about playing. Yoshi Wooly World is interesting, and making your own Mario levels with Mario Maker, but I didn’t feel there was much. What did you think?

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Rainbow Six Siege Sets Itself Apart

Ubisoft also lets gamers experience Rainbow Six. It is not your typically multiplayer shooter. If you die during the match you cannot respawn. That is it. It encourages teamwork and having a plan of attack. It is a nice break from the Call of Duty / Battlefield games out there.

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Surprise! Ghost Recon is back!

Ghost Recon was revealed today at Ubisoft’s Press Conference and it did not disappoint. If you are not familiar with Ghost Recon, it was first released in the late 90s on PC. It was a tactical shooter that had a player control a squad of soldiers. It was then brought to the consoles. It has recently been absent for some time, except for the free to play on PC. Now, it’s back! Ghost Recon is an open-world tactical shooter that lets you choose how to handle situations.

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Watch Your Back in The Division

Division was shown off in Ubisoft’s Press Conference. It is a tragic take on New York City and be sure to watch your back. Anyone can betray you, and take your loot. This looks great, but we will have to wait until March. Who’s Excited for this?

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For Honor Meets Dynasty Warriors?

Ubisoft has announced For Honor, a pretty looking Dynasty Warriors. You can either play a medieval knights, Vikings, or samurai. It is an interesting blend, but playing Dynasty Warriors makes me a little skeptical about these types of games.

Check it out for yourself:

Mirror Edge Catalyst

Even having faith in Faith pays off. Faith is back in Mirror Edge Catalyst. Get ready to jump, slide, kick, and punch through this open world.