Gamer’s Cafe Boldly Goes into the RiffRaff of Gaming News

Gaming News

Today’s Episode

Oh, the gaming news! Today is an interesting day. There’s always something dumb going on. This Riot drama is weird. A company that sells cheats doxes someone. It has a weird vibe. It’s a weird news item this week. The great and terrible thing is No Man’s Sky is released on PC. It’s one of the best or most played games this year. However, there have been some problems. People are complaining about bugs and glitches. This is not a shocker, but still frustrating.

Anyways, time for you to listen to the show!

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This episode is a QuakeCon Doom, Quake, and Prey explosion!


Today’s Episode

There’s been an explosion of news coming from QuakeCon. Today, they revealed Prey and Quake Champions gameplay trailers. They got me excited for these games. Quake is bringing back the old school shooter vibe. This is lacking in many first-person shooter games. The reason, Call of Duty influence. This game has enhanced or infected first-person shooter games for years. Many developers tried to replicate their success. This usually led to clones that were not good. It’s great to see these old games coming back. It reminds all the old gamers about the heyday. It also makes you aware how old you are. It’s a great time to be a gamer!

Now, on with the show!

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Competition hits Overwatch and Doom Goes Back To Its Roots


Today’s Episode

Overwatch is a huge success for Blizzard. It beat out League of Legends. Blizzard announced its competitive mode. Most gamers were waiting for this since launch. It’s a competitive game, so it is a perfect match. It will be interesting to see if the community likes this version of the mode. I suspect Overwatch will be popular for years if Blizzard maintains this game. That means, new maps, characters and modes. If they can keep that up, this game will be played for years. Blizzard did a great job, now they have to keep tweaking to make it even better.

Now, get to listening this podcast.

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Reviewed: Hitman and Witcher 3 Blood and Wine, plus E3 predictions


Today’s Episode

E3 is right around the corner and that means games are going to announce for the first time to the public. This is usually the preemptive strike for holiday games. We all know that Call of Duty is going to be released in November, that is always a given. However, there are plenty of games we do not know about yet. This is an exciting E3 because Bethesda is doing another show. They did say last year that it would be on a year-to-year basis, but they seem to have enough games to make another show. I’m interested in seeing what they are cooking up. They usually make great games. The next thing I want to see is what Ubisoft is going to do with The Division, Ghost Recon, Watch_Dogs and Rainbow Six. Some were better received than others and I would like to The Division be a better game. I’m hoping CD Projekt has some announcements for everyone too. Other than that, August cannot come soon enough! Now the show begins!

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Talking about Overwatch and Battleborn impressions so far


Today’s Episode

We are in the month of May. That means several high profile games are coming out. It also is the month of big reveals. Activision has released a trailer for the next Call of Duty and Sega has released a trailer for Dawn of War 3. Tomorrow we will see what Battlefield 5 is all about. This is shaping up to be an interesting year for gaming. First off, there are going to be more Star Wars games; let’s hope it is better than Battlefront. The Division is finally going to give better drops, that has been a problem. I am interested to see how Doom is going to be. Luckily for you, I am reviewing it once it comes out. It is interesting to see if the free-to-play model will be around. There have been some games ditching that model for the standard one. Now if only we could get rid of Call of Duty for a year, that would be an even better year! Read further and listen to the full episode below.

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Gaming news galore and wondering what’s wrong with The Division

gaming news

Today’s Episode

Gaming news aside, the Doom closed beta was last weekend and I had fun trying it out. It was great to get back to the old arena shooter feeling. It has been sorely missed. There is some aspect of the game id needs to fix, but I do not think it is game breaking. The Division is another story. The developers need a better fix for the game than what they have been purposing. The main problem is the fact that they keep calling it an RPG. It has some RPG elements, but there’s really only one stat that really matters, DPS. Roles do not matter in The Division. It’s wasted potential. The Division is running into the same problems Destiny has faced. I do not think they will dig themselves out of it either. The PC community is harsh on boring, bland games. Battlefront is learning from this and, I think, The Division will too.

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Tackling diversity, The Division, Doom, and gaming news.


Today’s Episode:

Diversity. It’s all the talk in every group in America. The conversation is usually about the lack of it. Gaming is not impervious to these one-sided arguments. Rarely researched, people throw out diversity for the sake of news. The way most people talk about it is, on a superficial level. There’s a mental checklist of what diversity should include. The main points are race, sex, and sexual orientation.  A diversity of thought is always left out. We are not concerned with different opinions. Different opinions are bad. Unfortunately, some developers are riding this train too. Talking about a”lack of diversity,” it always revolves around race, sex, and sexual orientation. Writers should be more concerned about the depth of their characters.  I’m like the direction Rocket League is going. Adding basketball should be a fun alternative to a great game. Now, onto the episode!

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Gamer’s Cafe goes in the dark zone with a light! Episode 11

Gamer‘s Cafe goes in the dark zone with a light! Yes, I have been playing The Division and have enjoyed it for the most part. I have seen some issues with it, but that does not make it a bad game. What I find head scratching is the day one DLC. I do believe publishers should just include that in the game. There is not need to take a small portion or some dumb outfit out to make more money. The best way is to make the game great. At least, they don’t affect gameplay. Ubisoft made the right choice in that regard. The Division is popular, though, it is the best-selling game for Ubisoft. The other funny thing about developers is when they say they are working on lots of projects and then retreat back from their own statements. Oops! Now onto other tech news!

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Gamer’s Cafe looks to the sky for no man – Episode 10

Gamer’s Cafe looks to the sky for no man. Yes, No Man‘s Sky is now available for pre-order. It a great time to explore space sim games. Games like Eve Online, Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen all out or coming out, this is a great time for the space sim genre. I’m excited to see this long-dominant genre making a return. It was odd that it vanished, but first person shooters really took the most developed game of the decade award. It’s a shame because there were many great space sim games that were never seen again. I’m talking to you Freespace and Star Wars. Anyways there more to talk about than that!

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Gamer’s Cafe replaying your chats. Episode 9

Gamer’s Cafe replaying your chats. Hey, Gamers! Twitch added a new feature for everyone. They are letting people replay their chats. You can replay lovely chats every day! I do think the best news was being able to drive the batmobile in Rocket League. You will have to pay for it, but awesome! There is also so much going on in gaming this week it’s crazy. However, I am glad that Twitch keeps updating their site with better options. Now, they just need to make it where people can make money or have a better affiliate program. Anyways, enjoy the gif!

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