BlizzCon, Overwatch new character and Battlefield 1 Review

Battlefield 1 Review

Today’s Episode

Yes, I finally played enough of Battlefield 1. In this episode, I give my Battlefield 1 review. If you want a first-person shooter that is not set in the modern or future setting this could be a game for you. Yes, I’m still playing this and Titanfall 2 and Civilization 6. I will have those reviews later. Also, BlizzCon has begun. Yes, this year we have a new character for Overwatch. This could be a great addition or break the game. I know Blizzard does a pretty good job of balance, but, I know infiltrator classes can break games. I’ve seen it happen. We will see if this is a good addition or a game breaking addition. Either way, it’s going to be interesting.

Plus, Polygon is crap. I really want to put that on. Scroll down to find out why!

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I give my Battlefield 1 Impressions. Titanfall 2 may not sell well

Titanfall 2

Today’s Episode

The numbers for Titanfall 2 appear to not be good. The analysts are saying that it will not sell well. Titanfall 2 will sell. They are not denying that they are concerned about why they released so close to Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty. This could impact the next game. I mean, there might not be one. AAA games needs to sell a certain amount of copies sold to make it worth for another game.  However, Battlefield 1 sold more than projected. Everyone is enjoying a WW1 game. Who knew we wanted to play a game about WW1. Even though there is a funny glitch, people seem to enjoy the game.

Scroll down here more.

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There’s Diversity in the First-Person Shooter Genre

first-person shooter

The first-person shooter¬†genre has been a staple in the gaming industry. Since Wolfenstein was made, there’s was something special about putting a camera with a gun in front and killing things. Doom is what made the genre really hit it strides. When Doom was released it became the most installed program. Windows 95 was second. Fast forward to now, most fps games have been stuck in a formula. There have been some innovations through the years, but diversity has been lacking. Some could argue, there’s not much you could innovate or change in fps games. To a point, they are right, however, gameplay mechanics can be variety. I do think 2015 and 2016 are changing all of that. We are going to see more subgenre fps games. Hopefully, this will bring more interesting ways of playing. Let’s take a look at some of the games that are changing or keeping the fps genre alive.

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Talking about Overwatch and Battleborn impressions so far


Today’s Episode

We are in the month of May. That means several high profile games are coming out. It also is the month of big reveals. Activision has released a trailer for the next Call of Duty and Sega has released a trailer for Dawn of War 3. Tomorrow we will see what Battlefield 5 is all about. This is shaping up to be an interesting year for gaming. First off, there are going to be more Star Wars games; let’s hope it is better than Battlefront. The Division is finally going to give better drops, that has been a problem. I am interested to see how Doom is going to be. Luckily for you, I am reviewing it once it comes out. It is interesting to see if the free-to-play model will be around. There have been some games ditching that model for the standard one. Now if only we could get rid of Call of Duty for a year, that would be an even better year! Read further and listen to the full episode below.

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No Man’s Sky needs no story and Hitman review

No Man's Sky

Today’s Episode

No Man’s Sky looks poised to become an incredible game. The tech behind it is worth a playthrough. It is interesting that they went with no story in the game. I agree with their decision to not add a story. The whole point of No Man’s Sky is to explore the universe. A story, no matter how good it would be, is going to get in the way. We will find out if having no story was a wise choice. Doom is coming out soon and adding a permadeath to the hardest level should make it brutal. The game does go back to its roots. They have eliminated regenerating health and brought back the twitch shooting. I am intrigued if this game plays well and is fun. The new episode of Hitman came out recently and it shows how great the franchise can be. This is the best I’ve seen of Hitman in a while. Hitman fans should be delighted. There’s more I talk about in the podcast. Check it out!

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Gamer’s Cafe talks about betas, games, and Curse update!

On Today’s Episode:

Hey, Gamer‘s! There’s a lot of games coming out over the next two months. Here are some coming out in the next two months: Doom, OverWatch, Battleborn, Banner Saga 2 and more! It’s a great time to game. There’s some much gaming on the horizon that sleep will be an afterthought. What game are you excited about? I ‘m excited about all of them! What can I say, I love gaming. Well, the bad games, not so much. Another interesting thing happened today. Curse, the gaming messenger updated and it looks great. I’m excited to see what’s in store for this messaging client. Let’s chat on there. My screen name is Yadude2. Let’s chat about our favorite games and play them. Now, here’s what I’ll be discussing today.

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Gamer’s Cafe is waiting for your beta upload. – Episode 8

Gamer‘s Cafe is waiting for your beta upload. Yes, with new open beta of The Division upon us, where is there time to get your gaming news? Gamer’s Cafe is the right spot for you. It’s open for your comments and great videos of your awesome play style. I am also going to be playing The Division this weekend. Let’s play!

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Gamer’s Cafe Firewatched the Aliens Come. Episode 7

Gamer‘s Cafe Firewatched the Aliens Come! Yes, Gamer’s Cafe is back! I took a week of because I was sick, but now I’ve come back and there’s so much to talk about! First, Call of Duty is confirmed for 2016, which is no big surprise. Assassin Creed though is not going to come out this year. In an interesting move, Ubisoft decided to take a step back and reassess the franchise. I think this is a good move because the game felt old and stale. I do wish Call of Duty would take the lead and that, but that’s not going to happen. Other news topics are:

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Digital Coffee Gamer’s Cafe Why Were Not Naughty but Nice List

gaming, coffee, christmas, naughty and nice,

Digital Coffee Gamer’s Cafe is a new series all about gaming. I am focusing on PC gaming, but I will talk about all that goes on in gaming. Today’s first episode is about what should be on your Christmas list.

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Digital Coffee The Caffeine Awakens

Digital Coffee, Podcast, tech news, Google, China, voter data, smart tvs

Yes, Digital Coffee The Caffeine¬†Awakens. It’s a new episode and that means Star Wars is here and Reddit is going to be blocking those spoilers, Valve is being sued, Evernote is cutting some apps, YouTube is releasing more tools for YouTube Gaming, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Rainbow Six Siege is free this weekend and more!

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