The tale of upgrading your computer gone wrong and more!


Today’s Episode

I learned a valuable lesson this weekend, that is if you want to update your BIOS in your computer, flash it. This weekend I wanted to install a new graphics card; the problem was, the motherboard did not like it. I was not booting to Windows and there was a problem with the motherboard. I searched the web trying to find a fix and found one. I had to update the BIOS. I found the manufacturers new program and it gave me an update. I decided to update the BIOS that way. Well, that was a big mistake. Windows crashed, there was no way to repair it. I had to buy a new SSD and install Windows fresh, which that lead to more problems. There is a happy ending, I did get my new graphics card installed and everything is working fine, but, I lost all my old files. The lesson here, always flash your BIOS. Never, I mean, never do it through a program on Windows. Let’s get on with the show!

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