Digital Coffee Gamer’s Cafe Why Were Not Naughty but Nice List

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Digital Coffee Gamer’s Cafe is a new series all about gaming. I am focusing on PC gaming, but I will talk about all that goes on in gaming. Today’s first episode is about what should be on your Christmas list.

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Digital Coffee, A Brew to Rule Them All!

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It’s a new week and Digital Coffee is back. Battlefront is out and many of you are battling the rebels and imperials alike. I am there too, reviewing the game and trying to have fun. However, the tech news does not stop. Today Airbnb is being sued for copying a French interior designer‘s home. The person claims that Airbnb did not ask for permission. We will see where this goes, but apparently there are copyright laws for rearranging a room. Who knew! Google and Facebook have teamed up to help each other. Yes, this is a deal that seems odd at first, but it’s real a deal for mutual benefits. Twitter is testing out new emoji reactions. So, hearts were not enough! Fallout 4 gets its first game breaking bug and so much more!


Your Morning Digital Brew

Battlefront Explodes into Your Consciousness

We’re all skeptic about DICE making Star Wars, but the trailer does look good. It shows off many interesting abilities and it stays true to the Star Wars experience. Jetpacks, AT-AT, AT-ST’s and many vehicles made an appearance in the trailer. It also looks like an orbital bombardment will be at your disposable. However, nothing can be confirmed, it does look exciting.