Gamer’s Cafe gets the low-down on Star Citizen

star citizen

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A promising game, Star Citizen seems to be in trouble. I love space sim games, but, this game may never see the light of day. A new report showcases the damaging saga of Star Citizen. There were lots of people that supported this game, but, Chris Roberts seems to have bitten off more than he could handle. I hope this game comes out. I hope it’s great. This game may turn out to be another No Man’s Sky. Only time will tell. Gamer’s should be excited because the holiday season is almost here. October is the official start of the gaming holiday season. Game on!

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Battlefield 1 biggest beta ever and old gamers hate competing


Today’s Episode

Gamers are an interesting breed. We crave excitement and a challenge, but, not all the time. It gets worse as time goes on. The older we get, the more we do not want to compete. Games are fun and sometimes you just want to have fun. Not compete, not have to deal with people. That’s why single player is still a viable avenue for developers to do. It’s a big surprise that the older you get, the less you want to compete. People change, you have more responsibilities and competing is not fun. It’s great that single player games are still around. There will always be a market for it.

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Gamer’s Cafe hates bad storytelling and demands better!

Warning: Rant Incoming!

Gamer’s Cafe hates bad storytelling and demands better! When making a game, storytelling is important. I feel most games do not try or do not give enough time to develop a great story. Gaming is not the only industry with this problem, movies have a tendency to follow a checklist too. This is good at times, but for truly amazing storytelling, this is not the best way. Checklists can help drive storytelling, but, it lacks that creative element. Game developers should try to find a balance in this process. I’m not saying have no deadlines, but give enough time for developing a story. Stories are great in an abstract form, but sometimes developers lose something in the process. This is of time constraints or budget. I think it’s time to look at the story again because your game suffers from terrible a story.

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