There’s Diversity in the First-Person Shooter Genre

first-person shooter

The first-person shooter genre has been a staple in the gaming industry. Since Wolfenstein was made, there’s was something special about putting a camera with a gun in front and killing things. Doom is what made the genre really hit it strides. When Doom was released it became the most installed program. Windows 95 was second. Fast forward to now, most fps games have been stuck in a formula. There have been some innovations through the years, but diversity has been lacking. Some could argue, there’s not much you could innovate or change in fps games. To a point, they are right, however, gameplay mechanics can be variety. I do think 2015 and 2016 are changing all of that. We are going to see more subgenre fps games. Hopefully, this will bring more interesting ways of playing. Let’s take a look at some of the games that are changing or keeping the fps genre alive.

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5 Things I want to see in Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5


DICE and EA have set a date to announce what we can expect from Battlefield 5 . There have been rumors that it will be a World War 1 game. That would definitely be an interesting move. It would set them apart from Call of Duty, which is going way in the future. I, like many others, are excited to see where Battlefield goes. I would like to see Battlefield 2143, but, would not be opposed to a WW1 game. Making Battlefield a WW1 would be tricky, but, a welcome change from the modern setting. However, there are more aspects of the game DICE should care about. Here’s my list of 5 things I want to see in Battlefield 5


1) It needs to run smooth

Battlefield 4 was terrible at launch. Many players could not play the game. Players experienced frequent crashes, or the could not start the game. Sound bugs were funny at first but got annoying as the months passed. Framerate drops were another common occurrence. People were not having fun and DICE did not properly test the game for this. This lead to many changes and now we have a very stable game. It is fun to play now, but, that first year was awful. It was not a great experience and many players went back to Battlefield 3 until the game was stable. That did happen, fortunately. BF5 needs to be stable. Fewer crashes and bugs need to be the top priority. Players do not forget, nor should they forgive. DICE, be sure this game runs well.

2) Refine the Commander Role

People that loved BF2 were happy that DICE brought back the commander. It was one of the best things about BF2. The problem with the implementation of the commander role in BF4 is it was shallow. It was fun to play for one or two rounds, but, there was no progression system, getting players to follow your orders was difficult… er,  impossible. Most of the community welcomed it back, but, there needs to be a better system in place. I did like BF2 commander role better for one reason, you were not taken out of the battlefield to only stare at a map the whole round. The commander could go fight with his team. Giving it a separate level of progression would be great. A separate progression system done right could make the role an important part of the game. Not an option.

3) Make Titan Mode part of the base game

I never understood why they always left out this mode. It was a great addition and made Battlefield 2142 unique. It was the only game mode I played exclusivity in BF2142. They did bring it back in BF4 if you bought the DLC, I was scratching my head wondering why it took so long to properly carry out it. Done right, it’s a great mode that emphasizes team play and strategy. It was a fun mode and should be a regular in this game. I would rather have titan mode that CTF mode.


4) The Community Maps

This was the best thing to happen to BF4. The community maps were a great addition to the game. Adding a few maps for the community was a great send off and a sorry for the problems we had in the beginning. The problem with DLCs is that it has split-up the community. I would rather have community maps sponsored by a company, then $50 DLC packs that may or may not be good. The other problem with DLCs is it feels like EA pulls content to make people buy them later. Battlefront showed players what a lack of content can do to a make. If you need to make DLCs then make them more cosmetic, or, go back to expansion packs. This would be a better way of handling it. Since we’ve seen how DLCs can split-up the community and kill or almost kill a game (I’m looking at you Titanfall.)

5) Booster Packs

Please, get rid of these. They did not add value to the game and made some attachments hidden behind a wall. I never understood the reason behind these packs. It felt like I was playing a free-to-play game, but, Battlefield is not one. If you must still have them in the game, just make them cosmetic. You could make them your “DLC.” It would also add another revenue stream, and not make the community feel like you are taking advantage of them. This is an idea Value has done. It has worked out well for them, so, why not add a sound business strategy into your game?

Final Thoughts:

I am really excited to see what they do with the Battlefield series. I do think that DICE needs to go back to the basics and understand what made Battlefield great. To me, it is the team play, destruction, and tactics that make Battlefield what it is. Here’re great moments playing Battlefield.

What do you think? What is on your list? Tell me in the comments below!