No Man’s Sky Patent Trouble and Valve says no to betting


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Valve is in a terrible situation. CS:GO is a great game and has made Valve lots of money. However, this betting scandal is not good. It has hurt Valve’s reputation and gained them a lawsuit. The problem is Youtuber’s. The fact that they gamed the system and conned people out of their money is terrible. I do hope some legal action gets taken against them. However, No Man’s Sky is in the news. This time, it’s bad. Sean Murray took a patent and used it in the game. I’m glad the company does not want to halt the release of the game. The problem is, patents are so hard to track, you may never know you are infringing on one.

Great news! Nvidia 1060 is out!

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Digital Coffee Episode 35

Digital Coffee Weekend Edition, tech news, digital coffee, podcast

Happy Halloween! It’s a new episode of Digital Coffee! There’s quite a bit going on in tech and I have all the juicy updates you need! First off, Batman is back! However, the game is still bugged. Yes, Warner Brothers re-released its buggy game, but it’s not working out too well. Buzz is a self-destructing contact app that gives you security over those nefarious strangers. Facebook is helping local business. Google wants to know if you’re down and now what you think. Periscope is now on Apple TV and One Plus launched a new phone. Plus so much more!



Your Morning Digital Brew

Your Morning Digital Brew

Oh, yesterday was filled with new releases and stupid moves. Plus, Batman is still having issues! Check out what you missed!

Facebook Messenger can now be used without a Facebook account

Facebook is about to ramp up the number of Instant Articles on your feed

Wireless charging will soon be as powerful as plugging in

Google introduces new Chromebox for meetings hardware aimed at larger companies

IFTTT’s Do update adds Chat Head-like widgets, unlimited recipes and new Android functions

Medium finally releases a native Android app

Google and Broad Institute collaborate to develop data-driven tools to fight diseases

Microsoft’s new Word, Excel and PowerPoint Android apps are now available to download

Amazon now offers HDR streaming to Prime subscribers in the US

An Ubuntu smartphone you might actually want to buy goes on sale in Europe tomorrow for €299

Someone from 4Chan is building an emoji programming language

Spotify Buys Beats’ Analytics Provider Seed Scientific

Snapchat Wants To Be How Youngins Watch The Election

Here’s What Windows 10 Will Cost Abroad If You Don’t Snag A Free Upgrade

Samsung sneakily disables Windows Update on some PCs

Crytek’s powerful CryEngine is the latest gaming engine to embrace Linux

Bethesda’s original Doom 4 was canned for being “Call of Doom”

Their original idea:

Green Man Gaming offering Batman: Arkham Knight refunds

Bulletstorm studio People Can Fly regains independence from Epic

Another week, another two pieces of Witcher 3 free DLC

The Division beta sign-ups are open now